Hof Ten Dormaal Brewery

In the fields of Tildonk, near Leuven, hosts a unique brewery that we visited last week. Why is it unique? Because it’s 99% self-sustainable! How is this possible? Well, by combining a farm and a brewery.

Three years ago, Andre Janssens needed a challenge and started with the idea of brewing and farming at the same time and so Hof Ten Dormaal was born. His son Dries helps out with both aspects of the family company.

On the farm they grow hops and malt, water comes from their well and the energy is made from rape seeds grown on the fields. Yeast is the only ingredient they buy.

Currently they brew twice a week, producing outstanding blond, amber and dark beer. Andre likes to stay on top of things and has an eye of reinventing Belgian beer. Recently he started replacing some hops with chicory grown on the farm fields  and his latest experiment is to lager his beer in wooden kegs that were previously used for fermenting alcoholic beverages such as Madeira.

80% of his beer is made for export, especially focusing on the North American beer market. Even though the barrel aged Belgian ale is made in Belgium, you will only find it in the US. Luckily, we were able to taste a bottle and were surprised by the result – one of the best beers we have ever tasted! So if you ever have the chance, pay the price and enjoy the moment.

More info on http://www.hoftendormaal.com/ (Dutch).


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