Machu Picchu Café/ Bar – 马丘比丘咖啡馆

Machu Picchu, a small but cozy bar hidden in the Chengdu Yulin neighborhood, was opened in 2004 by Gijs and Zhoufei. Frequented by a mixed crowd, it’s a nice laid back place to catch up with friends over a drink. Gijs or the regular clients tend to choice some good tunes, and at night there are frequent performances by local/ foreign musicians (both planned and spontaneously).

Find your preferred spot between tables, pillows/ couches or the bar and enjoy the vibe. Wednesdays tend to be extremely cozy, since the lights are turned off and candles lit.

Beerlist: Bitburger, Budweiser, Beerlao, Budvar (black/ blonde), Chill, Corona, Duvel, Dab, Chimay (blue/ red), Erdinger (black/ blonde), Franziskaner (black/ blonde), Guinness, Hoegaarden, Leffe (blonde), Maredsous, Stella Artois, Super Bock, Qingdao, XXXX.

Beer prices range from RMB 15 for a big bottle of Qingdao to RMB 50 for the imports. Their coffee, Russian coke and ‘brown-suger-tequila’ are also recommended.

Address: 14 Fang Hua Heng Street/ 玉林芳华横街14号 (next to a Wowo)
Phone: (028) 5132903
Opening hours: Daily from 6pm till late

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