Find below a list of venues that are putting their passion into practice to brew up success stories.

– Great Leap Brewing – 2 venues (
– Slow Boat Brewery (
– Tipsy Face Brewery
– Panda Brew Pub
– NBeer

– Belgian Craft Brewery (
– Lazy Dog
– Harvest Beer

Dali: Bad Monkey Brew house (

Hong Kong:
– Typhoon Brewery (
– Hong Kong Beer
– Young Master

Nanjing: Nanjing Brewery (

– Boxing Cat Brewery – 2 venues (
– Dr. Beer (
– Ganlanba
– The Brew (
– Shanghai Brewery – 2 venues (
– Bund Brewery

Xiamen: Amoy Brau

Yangzhou: The Old Brewery (

Have you ever visited these or know any other, kindly let us know!

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  2. I’ve been in Nanjing for a while but have had no luck is trying Oktoberfest Brewery ( beer. Do you have an update of where it can be found?

    1. Hi Brian,

      Gao Yan’s three-year-old Oktoberfest Brewery got shut down in 2011 and he has been devoting time to his home brewing book. After that, he founded of Nanjing Craft Brewing Co, under which he recently launched the first licensed bottled craft beer in China – the Baby IPA.

      We’ll try to get you more info.

      Chengdu Beer.

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