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Saturday is around the corner. Now where is the best place to celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day in Chengdu? Here are some activities and venues we choose for you.

The Chengdu Ireland Association holds it’s 2nd annual St Patrick’s Day Parade! More info here. Yesterday we met a guy who especially came down from Singapore, so it promises to be fun.

Shamrock has been around for many years and was the first Irish bar in town. All info about their St. Patrick’s weekend activities, click here.

Mooney’s has not been around for as long as Shamrock but they are not doing under. Mooney’s is the second Irish pub in Chengdu and has a great band playing almost daily. The band knows how to entertain their audience and will get you going on the dance floor. Of course Guinness is also available on tab.

The Literary Festival is still going on at The Bookworm, though there will be some special activity & Guinness on draft.

Other venues that will have St. Patrick’s Day specials: Lazy Pug, Hooters, …

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!
St Patrick's day

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