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Hakka Homes Bar 院吧, a cozy bar in a hidden location (go find them!), a rooftop garden, an unusual view and a chatty staff... With nice couches, an outside terrace, easy going public and good music, it’s the perfect place to hang out and chill with your friends.
The lay-back atmosphere and hidden location make it the perfect place to escape from the city rush and turbulence. Their help-yourself-policy makes you feel at home – you just get your drinks out of the fridge and pay them at the bar.

Beers [reasonable prices in between RMB 15-40]:
– Beer Lao (Blond/ Black)
– Budweiser
– Corona
– Duvel
– Harbin
– Guinness
– Heineken
– Tsingtao
or…. try our Belgian Craft Beer out !!! @ The Living Room …just across Hakka Homes Bar.

Past Hakka Homes Bar Events:
March 29th // Moustache Party
Silk Party
@ SOHO Feicheng Building A,12F,No. 1, Kehua North Road #60.

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  4. This bar may be one of the best hidden treasures in Chengdu, and the staff are all really chill. It’s good for a relaxed beer with a few friends early on in the night and picks up later on turning it into a bar with a dance floor. Kind of has that Helen’s feel, but a little more ‘house party-ish’.

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