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Lan Kwai Fong Chengdu is the only outside project of Hong Kong’s LKF group [so far, we believe LKF Haikou, Guangzhou etc are also coming up].
LKF Chengdu is an under- one- roof street with 85% of food, beverage outlets and entertainment and 15 % of lifestyle and retail. It’s situated in the Chengdu’s central business district near the Jin River, the five-star Shangri- la Hotel, Tian Fu Times Square and the new metro station. The area consists of 19 blocks of three-storey buildings, connected by outdoor terraces and with two open piazzas under one main shelter.

Lei Garden Restaurant
1-3/F, Building 19, B, Tel: 028- 61533238 61533328
1/F, Building 2-3, A, Tel: 028- 61533323
Sui Die Music Café
3/F, Building 14, B, Tel: 028- 61533890
Tanyoto Hotpot
2/F, Building 16-18, B,
Rose Restaurant
1/F, Building 11, A, Tel: 028- 84421618 84421608
Gangkimdo Korean Restaurant
2/F, Building 10, A
Celebrity Town
1-3/F, Building 13, A
1/F, Building 15, B, Tel: 028-61302787
Zhen Ge Cantonese Restaurant
1/F, Building 8, A

Tea & Coffee
Tenfu’s Tea
1/F, Building 14, B, Tel: 028- 61301182
Starbucks Coffee
1/F, Building 17, B, Tel: 028- 84701848

Bar &Club
1/F, Building 4, A
1/F, Building 9, A, Tel: 028-84701666
1/F, Building 10, A, Tel: 028-61533110
Glamorous Vogue KTV
2、3、5/F, Building 1-3, A, Tel: 028-61302222 61303333
China Groove Resto Bar
6/F, Building 1, A
The Imperial Family NO.1 Club
B1/F, Building 6-8, A
3/F, Building 17-18, B
Lan Kwai No. 8
1-3/F, Building 6-8, A
1/F, Building 6, A
Venus (Bar)
1/F, Building 5, A
Mango Club (Bar)
3/F, Building 5-7, A
D+ Lounge
2/F, Building 12, A

Lifestyle & Retail
Couture Cake
1/F, Building 18, B, Tel: 028-61301336
1/F, Building 12, A
SYL Health & Beauty Spa
2/F, Building 15, B, Tel: 028-84701808(Female) 028-84701908(Male)
Yajia’s Style Lounge
3/F, Building 12, A
RNS Nail Art
116A, 1/F, Building 16, B
Lanchong Book Bar
2/F, Building 14, B

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