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We’re honored to be mentioned in the most recent edition of Silkwinds (the in-flight magazine of Singapore Airlines) next to some great craft breweries as Windmills and Jungle Beers. ( In the past Chengdu beer was also mentioned in The Wall Street Journal) The article promotes the Local craft beers instead of the regular pints. The article describes the special experience of trying a craft beer. The expectations are unbelievable but the taste is real. With special names even more special beers are created with some nice words about our friends of Jungle Beer in Singapore.

As they describer beautifully everybody’s first thoughts about craft beers. With a lot of unexpected ingredients, tropical fruits, coffee or in our case Sichuan pepper the beers got created. As this process will let you fall in love and make you curious about the other craft beers as well a new hobby got created.

Silkwinds is the in-flight magazine of SilkAir, regional wing of Singapore Airlines. And is member of the StarAlliance with what it brings a lot of readers. With a readership of 277,400 readerships per month, we hope that lots of new people go try our beer at Parador by Opera or the other venues where our craft beers are available on tap.

Please find below the featured Chengdu Beer article – for the full edition, kindly check Silkwinds Magazine March-April 2013 [we’re on page 10].

Silk Magazine 2很荣幸我们出现在新加坡航空公司的杂志中

详情请看:Silkwinds Magazine March-April 2013 [第十页].

Silk Magazine 2

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