Dojo aka “The House” (that’s how we’ve been calling it) is a project of some friends dedicated to let people have a good time in a different way. It’s about gathering good people, do something funky & let yourself be entertained.

Featuring (can vary):
– Several areas of music with several Dj’s and live visuals
– Home-bakes pizza, barbeque, deep fried Oreo’s and more
– Geodesic Dome
– Fire poi performance, live graffiti & beer pong

Chengdu Sansheng Xiang (aka Flower Town), Hongsha Cun, Lianhe Yizu #154

To get there:
– Taxi: around RMB 50 from the centre
– Metro: go till Honghe, 洪河 (2nd to last stop on Eastern end of Line 2). At exit A1 there normally will cars with the Dojo logo who’ll take you to the place for RMB 15-20.

Featured Parties:
* 29-4-2013: Mega House Party I. The first edition at the end of April gathered around 150 people.
* 25-5-2013: Mega House Party II. Less people showed up compared to the 1st edition, though lot’s of fun & the food went much smoother.

* 13-7-2013: Dojo Mega House Party IV

Aim for this house:
The House

四月29号第一次举办200人聚会于此,激奋人心的电子音乐和说唱表演喝比利时精工啤酒的酣畅淋漓,尽在昨天首次在三圣乡”The House”举办的欢乐party。以后这里还会有更多party进行。


The House

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