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Amitha is a cool and modern Thai themed club that has been open less than half a year. They clearly take the music side of things seriously with good sound quality in the space, a more than decent house band doing covers from current and recent decades, and dancers every Thursday to Saturday. They have also brought in some major Hong Kong acts like Eason Chan and Sandy Lam for small shows.

Their terrace, separated from the performance area, is not covered but lots of greenery, birdcages, and a lizard terrarium make a great environment to chill and was the busiest area in the club on a recent evening.

The bilingual cocktail menu has a well edited selection of trendy and classic drinks, and the beer on tap is Singapore Tiger. Designated drivers will not feel cheated, with a good selection of juices, sodas, and virgin cocktails. We tried one of their specialty cocktails, the Chili Lily. Amitha is not the first bar in Chengdu to do some kind of hot pepper cocktail, but the Chili Lily is the best we’ve tried so far. We are confident they understand mixology and could well concoct your favourite drink if it is not on the menu. Drinks are 55-60 per cocktail, and Tuesday is buy one get one.

Lan Kwai Fong 16-18 , 3rd floor

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