As Lan Town is closely located to the east gate of the Sichuan University it is kind of a home base for the international students there. The place is hidden on the second floor of Jiu Yan Bridge club complex with a lot of other bars, clubs and food places in the area.

The place started and still does it everyday as a teahouse in the mornings and afternoon. When the evening begins the place transform to a bar with a good offer of some fine beers – including craft beer (normally wheat, stout & hopefully IPA) from our fellow micro-brewer Geezer . Moreover, their fridge is filled with a bunch of good Belgian ones (Chimay blue-white-red, Duvel, Delirium Tremens, Vedett Extra White & Extra Blonde, La Chouffe, Hoegaarden), some Germans, local stuff and rest of the world. Cocktails upon request.

With a foosball table, relax music and a great vibe it is a place to sit down and relax with your friends.

Music Style: Lounge, Jazz, Blues, Folk and Electro. Sometimes they have small concerts or DJ’s playing some great beats. And they are even trying to bring the Dutch Deep House scene to China. As there are still very few foreigners, and the ones there are not the regular pub guys, it has to offer a good escape from the normal clubs and bars in Chengdu.

The energetic, friendly owner Li Lan will make you feel at home and talk to you no matter what languages you do or don’t speak. Clean, bright, and quiet during the daytime makes it an ideal place for ‘net surfing or studying.

“Peace ‘n love :)”

Jiuyan Qiao, 2nd Floor, Haowangjiao Guangchang, Chengdu

Phone: (028) 85356206每天的早晨及下午,他是一个茶餐厅,夜幕渐进时它就是市里一个可以提供最好啤酒的酒吧——精酿啤酒,更好的是他们的冰箱里装满了众多的优质的比利时啤酒(智美蓝帽、白帽、红帽,杜威,白熊及企鹅,舒弗,福佳白),以及一些优秀的德国啤酒,当地啤酒和世界各国的优秀啤酒产品。当然还有充满激情的鸡尾酒。


– 音乐: Lounge, Jazz, Blues, Folk & Electro.
– 各种鸡尾酒各种进口啤酒招牌Migto
– 各种派对



地址: 一环路九眼桥好望角2楼
店话: 28 85356206

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