On the 29th of March, Salvator Keg Tapping ceremony was held in the Kempinski hotel in Chengdu. The unique Salvator from Paulaner, which was brewed by Mr. Benjamin Erdmann, a brewmaster from Germany, will bring the famous orginial Salvator since 1773 to the Kempinski Hotel. Salvator is honoured as the original Paulaner and the founding beer of Paulaner due to its strong and classic malthy taste.

The Paulaner monks drank Salvator as a substitute for food during the Lent in April. Started in 1773, the Paulaner monastery brewery was run by Brother Barnabas, the most famous brewer of that time, who invented Salvator later on. In order to protect the original, Paulaner registered Salvator as a trademark in 1896. From then on all the brewing formulas for Salavtor were fortunately reserved to this day.
Every year during Lent, large-scale celebrations take place on the Nockherberg to highlight the first beer produced by the Paulaner Brewery Salvator Double Bock.

The Salvator Festival is like a mini Oktoberfest for bavarians. Its high points are the traditional ceremonies involving the first double beer tasting and a satirical political cabaret. And now, there will be an opportunity to experience the similar kind of great celebrations in the Kempinski Hotel. The traditional brewing art from the Age of Barnabas will bring you back to 1773.

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