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After being organized in Beijing for 2 years, a Craft Brewing seminar was held in Chengdu on May 13th. It introduced the characteristic and technology of world craft brewery and the usage of hops, (specialty) malts and yeast.

Guest speakers:
– Georg Drexler, Barth Innovations [Hops]
– Christophe Teste, Fermentis [Yeast]
– Andreas Richter, Weyermann [Malt]

After the presentations and Q&A session, attendees checked sample products and enjoyed a beer tasting session. While having dinner & enjoying MUG’s Hasenburg beer, people shared experience and anecdotes.

– Shanghai ShengFeng Beer Equipment &Material
– Sichuan Chuanqing Beer Material Co.
– Dali Bad Monkey Bar and Brewery
– Chengdu & Kunming Home Brewers
– Mianyang/ Deyang Brewers
– Belgian Craft Brewery
– Mug’s Brew Master
– Harvest Beer
Among many others..

Let’s hope that this seminar stimulates the Chengdu (craft) beer scene!

Barth Haas Craft Beer Seminar昨天,我们应邀参加了精酿啤酒研讨会,这是继北京成功举办两届后,在成都举办的第三届。会议集中介绍了世界精酿啤酒的特色和酿造工艺,并重点介绍了啤酒花、特种麦芽、酵母在精酿啤酒中的应用。很高兴与相关专家交流了很多经验,也从中获益匪浅.

Barth Haas Craft Beer Seminar

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