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This year, the festival will take place over two days and showcase over 10 craft breweries from all corners of China. They expect to draw more than 1,500 patrons a day. On top of craft beer, the festival will have 8-10 food vendors, a children’s play area and live music. The event will be held at Galaxy Soho, just a few steps from the Chaoyangmen subway station.

When? June 21st and 22nd
Dates: Friday June 21 & Saturday June 22
Time : June 21: 5- 11 PM; June 22: 12-11PM
Location: Galaxy Soho near Chaoyangmen
Entrance fee: Free; guests pay at each tent

The Beijing Craft Beer Festival is focused on promoting the understanding of craft beer in China. The event itself is a platform to exhibit the best craft breweries in China.

To reserve tickets please contact [email protected]

Second Annual Festival highlights:
+ First ever craft beer festival in Beijing to showcase only craft breweries from China and Beijing’s homebrewers
+ Estimated 700 attendees despite expectations of 100
+ Covered in both international press ( wallstreet journal, beerpulse) and in domestic press ( the Beijinger, time out, city weekend, Jingdaily etc.)
+ Over 20 beer and food vendors
+ Live music both days
+ Large children’s and game garden
+ Raffle prizes
+ Domestic & International media coverage
+ Large opportunity to market your brand and gain exposure in Beijing
大跃啤酒Carl Setzer极力推进这活动,已联系多家酿酒商商讨签约,包括北京的The Vine Leaf,来自上海的Boxing Cat ,还有来自台湾与北京的Homebrewers’ Society一样棒的Le Ble D’or。


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