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Welcome to the Chengdu Home brewing Society, the home for homebrewers in “City in the Basin”.

Our organization is dedicated to spreading the knowledge, culture, and appreciation of real beer in Chengdu & around. We welcome all experience levels and walks of life, ranging from professional brewers to beginners looking to brew their first batch. is open to all experience levels and walks of life, ranging from professional brewers to beginners looking to brew their first batch.

Next meetings: July 7th/ 21th.

Brewing beer is both an art and science, and nothing compares to the personal experience of making beer at home. Our organization gathers every other Sunday from 4pm at The Beer Nest [or occasionally at another suitable venue]. Typical meetings feature a presentation on a brewing topic, a tasting of the “style-of-the-month”, and a good atmosphere to network and share their experiences with fellow home brewers.

All are welcome to our gatherings, and you need not be a member to attend. When you do attend, bring your brew! We encouraged everyone to bring their tasty creations to share at our gatherings.

Brewing beer at home in China faces additional challenges like sourcing safe and reliable brewing equipment and quality raw ingredients. As a community, we aspire to make these difficult tasks easier. So, if you wish to expand your beer knowledge and appreciation of China, we encourage you to come join us!

More information about our platform, see: Chengdu Beer Info

* Facebook: Chengdu Beer
* LinkedIn Group: China Beer中国啤酒
* Weibo: 成都啤酒ChengduBeer


Dieter Vanonckelen
Founder, Chengdu Homebrew Society

我们希望传播真正的啤酒文化,推广精酿和自酿啤酒的知识,把成都变成更美好的城市 :).



每次聚会欢迎你带来你的啤酒,和大家分享,这当然也是很多人喜欢自酿的原因。 也别带太多,因为希望你在活动酒吧也买杯酒喝,感谢场地老板对我们的支持。

新浪微博: 成都啤酒ChengduBeer

创始人, 成都自酿啤酒协会


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