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This Saturday our Sichuan Ale will be available at the Beijing Beer Geeks’ Festival! We from the Belgian Craft Brewery shipped some kegs attack your taste buds.
Chengdu’s other craft brewery, Harvest Beer will represent Chengdu next to lots of other microbreweries from all over China.

In Beijing at that time? Come and Check it out!

No cover charge. Ticket: 10RMB/taster, 30RMB/glass, pre-sale tickets: 100RMB, use as 150RMB on site, available In most beer bars

Date: Saturday June 15th
Time: 1:00 – 9:00 pm
Address: No.48 Xihai Nanyan, 5 minutes walk south of Exit C, Jishuitan Station, Line 2.

The First Beijing Beer Geeks' Festival
我们今天把几桶四川特色精工啤酒(花椒与生姜口味的黄金麦啤)运到了北京,欢迎大家6月15号在@北京特殊啤好者精酿啤酒节 上品尝!

The First Beijing Beer Geeks' Festival

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