<img src="https://www.chengdubeer.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/07/time-deep-beer-nest.jpg" alt="Friday 19/7: Ladies Night & 10pm “Time to Deep” @ The Beer Nest本周五晚8点后啤酒窝酒吧女士之夜&”Time to Deep”" class="img-responsive" srcset="">

This Friday from 8pm Ladies Night & from 10pm “Time to Deep” @ The Beer Nest .

*Ladies Night: Fruit Beers & Cocktails ½ Price for Ladies [Sexy].
*”Time to deep”: Dj’s Marco & Andy Mac back-to-back 100% vinyl set [Classy].

本周五晚8点后啤酒窝酒吧女士之夜 [鸡尾酒、水果啤酒半价], 晚上10点Dj Marco 和 Andy将用黑胶打碟!久违了,黑胶!无门票哦!

the beer nest party deep time

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