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“Cookin’ Chengdu” is an event similar in nature to “Made In Chengdu”. This time, 5 local bars, Xiong Mao, Hemp House, Morning Bar, Lan Town and Orange Bar have all joined forces to bring us a festival that we’ve been waiting for. It’ll be free of corporate sponsors and mando-pop abominations. The organizers hope this will be enough to attract a large group of people who are fed up with the commercial nature of music festivals in China to attend Cookin’ Chengdu. Tan Zong -the owner of Xiong Mao- explains the concept behind the festival “We’ve been aware of this venue for over a year and we always felt it would be ideal location for a music festival. We wanted to make a festival that we’d like to attend ourselves. Ultimately we decided the best way to achieve this would be to enlist the help of like-minded people.”

Located at the Fanmate Art Museum in the Jin Xiang Art Zone (梵木艺术管,金象寺艺术区), the festival is a convenient RMB 20 taxi ride from the South of the city and only 5 minutes from Wanda Plaza in the south-east. There are 4 different music areas to choose from. The band area will mainly cater to rock fans, with a little bit of hip hop and reggae thrown into the mix. We are especially excited to see the reggae artists Cha Cha (Shanghai) and Jiang Liang (Guilin) perform in Chengdu again. The DJ area will host the best local talent plus guests including Sulumi, who will bring his 8-bit sound from Beijing and Drunk Monk, owner of the legendary Shanghai club The Shelter. The Psy arena will open later at night, after the main stage has closed and also features DJs from Chengdu and further afield. The Chill area is the only outside area at the festival and will be a good place to relax if the dance floor gets a bit too much for you.

Music isn’t the only reason to visit this festival. There will also be a tattoo parlor, skateboard/motorcycle exhibitions, craft beer, a second hand market to keep you occupied. In keeping with its name, the organizers have invited a host of Chengdu’s culinary experts to make sure nobody goes hungry over the course of the two days.

So there you have it, a couple of reasons for music lovers to be cheerful in the ‘Du. Cookin’ Chengdu early bird tickets are available at a host of local venues, including Lan Town, Hemp House, Morning Bar and Hakka Bar. Advanced tickets are priced very reasonably at RMB 50 per day. At the door you pay RMB 80.

In a nutshell: a lifestyle festival with 4 Music areas [bands & DJs], food stalls, 2nd hand market etc.

Address: Fanmate Art Museum, Jin Xiang Si Art Zone 梵木艺术馆 , 金像寺艺术区 (5 minutes from Wanda Plaza in the Southeast)

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Cookin Chengdu

麻糖、熊猫、早上好与蓝当党 Hemp House, Xiong Mao, Orange Bar, Morning Bar & Lan Town#cookinChengdu2013# 手工达人、潮流摊主、二手狂人们等等

地址: 梵木艺术馆 , 金像寺艺术区

Cookin Chengdu

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