Sept. 18-20th / 9月18-20号: The Beer Nest Mid-Autumn Duvel Challenge 啤酒窝中秋节喝啤酒大赛

Drinking Competition! ##DRINK BEER. WIN MONEY.##
RMB 200 entry fee gets you ALL-YOU-CAN-DRINK Duvel during the contest hour (10-11pm).

RMB 50 from every entry goes towards the daily winner.

**Rumor has it NO ONE has ever managed to drink 10 Duvels in one hour. Think you can do it? **

1. Contestants must drink an entire bottle by itself for it to count.
2. Contestants leave their chair will not be given any more Duvel.
3. Contestants must keep it in and cannot pass out. Otherwise, their count will be cut in half (rounded up). Long story short: it might be better to stop at 5 than try for that 6th and fail.

Time: 10-11pm

Wanna Join? Contact 13730871837 or [email protected] [Participants limited to 10 a day]

Ps: Your name tag will be on a dedicated chair & 拉拉队 aka cheerleaders are welcome

9月18-20号 中秋节喝啤酒大赛

# #喝啤酒# #赢大奖

# #规则如下:# #
2. 中途上厕所者,酩酊大醉不醒者,呕吐者,将酒给予朋友者或其它作弊行为将视为自动出局。

报名: 联系 13730871837 或者 [email protected]


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