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The 10th annual Paulaner Chengdu Oktoberfest is coming up! Time discover a unique, traditional and authentic Bavarian Festival, and to celebrate it with your friends. Enjoy the most authentic Homebrewed Bavarian beer and food in town.

* Live Music 现场乐队: Alpenrocker from Germany. 德国空降7人乐队
* Happy Hour 欢乐时光: 4-8pm – Oktoberfest Beer 35% Off . 十月啤酒6.5折
*September 3th 九月三日 (18:30): Barrel Opening Ceremony 开桶仪式
* Sausage Special (daily): 50% off for selected sausages. 特价香肠. 五款香肠,每天一款半价

Contact Paulaner Bräuhaus Chengdu for a group reservation or more info. 8526 9999 – 5540

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2013 Paulaner Oktoberfest Background成都普拉那啤酒坊第十届啤酒节

* 现场乐队: 德国空降7人乐队
* 欢乐时光 4-8pm: 十月啤酒6.5折
* 九月三日 18:30: 开桶仪式
* 特价香肠. 五款香肠,每天一款半价

电话: 8526 9999 – 5540

2013 Paulaner Oktoberfest Background

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