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FLAIR Restaurant and Bar crowns The Ritz-Carlton, Chengdu (just north of Tianfu Square near the stadium). We found a stylish space with both indoor and outdoor seating. The patio was just as popular as the inside space and has a view of downtown on clear nights. Fireplaces and just enough, warm, light illuminated a fashionable crowd and a DJ spinning house lounge kept the mood comfortably chill. We were well impressed by Flair’s drinks menu which features an intriguing list of signature cocktails with thoughtful and sophisticated flavor combinations. They also list several classic cocktails, an eclectic collection of wine by the glass and bottle, beer, and spirits. We cannot help but praise the gin and tonic collection that features flavors such as lemon, cardamom, cloves, juniper, and mint.

From the many indulgences on the menu we were treated to a pomelo salad, which had Southeast Asian flavor and was garnished with shredded rep pepper and coconut, which was a great palate cleanser for the rest of the dishes. The flambé sake salmon roll combined sake infused salmon and very fresh eggs in the center with seared sockeye on the outside. We also enjoyed chewy and plump shrimp that had been grilled on fresh lemongrass and sided with the house made sweet and chili sauce. Stuffed crab claws were sided with the same sweet and chili sauce. Spicy lamb satay skewers were served over a charcoal to keep them warm and sided with a Malaysian peanut sauce. We also sampled a signature dish of classic miso marinated Alaskan cod with a green curry sauce. From the sweets section of the menu we sampled a creamy coconut rice pudding, topped with mango and a square of white chocolate and dehydrated raspberries, and a pandan crème brûlée garnished with dehydrated strawberry, sorbet, and pineapple. Drinks and bar snacks between RMB 60-100; sashimi and premium dishes are in low to medium three figures.

Example drink prices: Stella RMB 70, Chima RMB 150.

Address: 27F, The Ritz-Carlton, Chengdu 成都富力丽思卡尔顿酒店
No. 269 Shuncheng Avenue 成都青羊区顺城大街269号
Tel: 28 8358 8888

Opening days/ hours:
– Sun to Thu: 5pm-12am
– Fri, Sat: 5pm-2am

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