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Franky Lu, the proprietor, spent ten years in Valencia, Spain, and his taste and welcoming personality fills the space. The décor leans toward man cave-ish, particularly on the lower floor which is more of a bar and smoking area, with old maps, a gramophone style sound system and a sea theme. One standout of the restaurant is their whisky list, with more than one hundred selections from Scotland, Japan, Ireland, and other parts. We sampled a leathery scotch from the collection. The upper floor is for dining and has well-spaced tables decorated with seashell lamps.

The chef, Fernando, also hails from Valencia and the menu is a list of very traditional Spanish food. There are tapas, salads, rice dishes including several paellas, and mains include a salt-baked fish and a filet of beef. We were pleased to note that the menu says paellas need to be ordered 25 min in advance, since most of the paellas we’ve eaten in town were cooked ahead and reheated. The tapas were served in more elaborate presentations than we are used to for casual bites, but the sauces were interesting. We were happy to get some real aioli (garlic flavored mayonnaise) with several dishes, including very good bread. We sampled some shrimp in garlic butter, some of the famous Iberico ham, and a dish of mushrooms sided with a spicy sauce. There were a few meatball-style appetizers, including one made from savory beef and one made from bacalao, the dried codfish that is beloved in Spain, Portugal, and Italy. The desserts are house-made as well, with a dense orange cake a highlight of the dessert sampling. Y’s is the kind of place you would feel comfortable dressed up.

If you like good Whisky, this is the place to be in Chengdu. The menu lists around 50 bottles, though Franky has a collection of about 200.

Menu runs 200-300RMB/person with drinks; whiskies mostly high three to low four figures per bottle.

Address: Jinxiu Rd, Poly Centre #36,37 锦绣路1号保利中心东区商铺附36、37号

11a.m – after midnight

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