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Calling all beer lovers, beer aficionados, home brewers and those of you who just love drinking it. Shanghai Beer Week is back! Kicking off on May 23th, this year’s festival will run for eight days and they’ve got over 40 different Shanghai beer venues participating. There are so many parties, beer promotions and meals to choose from.

Moreover, you can win a free beer trip to Beijing.

Below some of the special events:

– May 23th: Grand Opening with brew cruise along the Huangpu River and Home Brew competition.

Brew cruise with free flow of several locally crafted beers. Tickets should be from about RMB 250 [presale] to RMB 350 [at the door].
* Where: Shiliupu Wharf, 171 Zhong Shan South Rd, near Fuxing East Rd.
* When: 6.30-10.30pm

Introducing Shanghai’s first home brew festival. Sponsored by My Homebrew Store and hosted by Hops Magazine. Enter at least 3 bottles of your brew and have a chance to win prizes from My Homebrew Store, including top quality ingredients and equipment. Judging will take place on May 31st right before the Beer Festival kicks off. Winners will be announced on stage Saturday evening during the Festival.

– May 29th: Craft brewers conference

2014 Shanghai Beer Week and Homebrew Festival各位啤酒爱好者、酒痴、酒狂,准备好了吗?2014年上海啤酒周又将再度来袭啦! 今年5月23日,持续8天的啤酒狂欢将席卷沪上的40多家餐厅和酒吧,同时还将有很多啤酒推广和美食派对。

除此之外 ,你还有机会赢得免费北京游



* Where: Shiliupu Wharf, 171 Zhong Shan South Rd, near Fuxing East Rd.
* When: 6.30-10.30pm

由 My Homebrew Store赞助、啤酒花杂志Hops主办的上海第一届自酿啤酒节,如果加入的话,你还有机会赢得My Homebrew Store提供的奖品,包括优质原料和设备(至少带3瓶你的自酿啤酒。评比将于啤酒节启动之前进行,也就是5月31日。赢家将于啤酒节晚会期间上台发表感言。


2014 Shanghai Beer Week and Homebrew Festival

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