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What do you do when on the uneven and dusty streets of Chengdu your eyes wander and meet those of a stray dog? Immediately there’s a bond as his trusting eyes look at you and his body wags with joy to meet you. Instinctively you know that he was once someone’s pet, his previous owners perceiving him as easily disposable, thrown and abandoned on the streets like a spare piece of trash. A once bounding puppy transformed into a matted flea infested stray dog whose eyes are fixed on you, yearning to be loved again. Feelings of hopelessness and helplessness wash over you, as you don’t have the finances to help him, are unsure of a safe and reliable veterinarian in the city and have no safe place to house him. Emotions boiling you walk away, but your new buddy follows you for a short time, trying to communicate to you, to anyone, his desire to be given a new life, that he is a good dog. Eventually he gives up and man’s best friend continues to wander the streets, his fate uncertain of whether he will survive, die from starvation, disease or an accident, or be stolen and brutally killed for his meat or fur. Unless an animal welfare organization finds and places him in a foster and adoption programme to provide him with a life worth living.
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Overwhelming scenes similar to this story unfold daily as dogs, cats and people struggle to survive. Without foster and adoption programmes, animal welfare organizations that run on limited resources, manpower and funding are unable to save and find forever homes for rescued animals. Foster parents provide rescued animals short-term care for several weeks to months with a lot of love in a safe and suitable environment. Fostering helps to develop social skills and decrease behavioural problems that would arise if the dog or cat lived in a cage or was placed in shelter that was unable to meet his or her basic needs. If you’ve grown up always having a cat or dog and are only in China on a short-term basis then being a foster parent is a great way to have a companion and make a huge difference. Although it is very easy to get attached to your new four-legged best friend this role prepares them for a lifelong home. Being a foster parent is a very rewarding experience as you have the exciting responsibility to learn the quirky and individual personality of the animal in your care. This helps the adoption process by providing the organization with the information that enables them to best match the needs and lifestyle of new parents with those of their furry family member. Being a foster parent is one of the most important and worthwhile contributions to animal welfare an individual can make.

There is nothing like the unconditional love that is provided by our pets. Regardless of how good or bad your day has been, every time you come home from work you’re greeted with a wagging tail and/or a joyous meow. If you’re sick, sad, playing on your iPad, or even brushing your teeth your furry best friend will be by your side. Animals are an integral part of the family unit, which teach compassion to younger generations. Owning an animal will increase the joy in your life and is immensely beneficial to your health. According to human-animal bond scientific studies done and published by the Humane Bond Research Initiative Foundation (HABRI) animals positively impact our health in seven key areas. These are; allergy and asthma immunity amongst children, Alzheimer’s, autism, cancer, cardiovascular disease, depression and post-traumatic stress disorder. HABRI suspects that as they continue this study that they will find that pets provide people with dozens of health benefits. Dogs and cats also play a large role as therapists for seniors, the disabled, patients in hospitals, and are working dogs in many roles. These can be as K-9 police dogs, bomb sniffers, search and rescue missions, in combat including Afghanistan and Iraq, conservation and herd livestock. A black Labrador mix named Tucker was rescued as a stray from the streets of Seatte and has now become the world’s only working dog that helps marine biologists track and find orcas. The research boat used to find the orcas is directed by Tucker’s body language, whose sensitive nose picks up the subtle scent of orca scat, which can disappear in under 30 minutes. Tucker’s role helps researchers monitor orca health, the affects of overfishing and food supply therefore helping to save the offspring of this endangered species for future generations to enjoy. As well animals help future generations learn compassion, empathy and respect for animals and the environment.
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Many animal welfare organizations that have foster and adoption and education programmes work with local schools from primary to University levels. These Humane Educators bring rescued dogs and cats into classrooms and schools to teach children and adults empathy, respect and compassion. Calm animals that were once strays inspire and provide a hands-on memorable experience for people to see and understand the vast array of animal emotions and behaviours. Humane Educators and their four-legged teachers also teach the basics of animal care, and work with teachers to provide exciting projects based on the curriculum or subjects such as biology. Using positive reinforcement rescued dogs and cats can be trained to serve as our companions in our home and workplace to make a difference in the lives of animals and people around the world.
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Making the choice to bring a rescued cat and dog into your home is exciting yet challenging. It is a big decision to add a furry family member as he or she will require responsible ownership to meet all of their physical and psychological needs. Good animal welfare organizations help you find the dog or cat that is right for you through proper screening, visits, education and adoption days. Adoption days are community driven educational and fun events that are organized and held by local businesses, companies and organizations to create awareness about animals in shelters and in the community. These events are successful in North America, Europe and Australia through long-term and internationally acclaimed animal welfare organizations such as the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and Dogs Trust. Dogs Trust is Britain’s largest dog welfare charity and has 18 rehoming centres across the UK and 1 in Dublin that cares for over 16,000 dogs per year, and does not have any healthy dog destroyed. All dogs are microchipped, neutered or spayed and vaccinated, so the family receives a healthy addition to their family. Across China animal welfare is burgeoning and with it foster and adoption. Adoption days have already become popular and successful for animal welfare organizations in Shanghai and Beijing. Second Chance Animal Aid Shanghai (SCAA) is one of the leading foster and adoption organizations in China that follows and promotes international standards similar to the RSPCA. To date they have adopted and made second chances for 832 animals. Adoption days can create the magic moment where cat and dog owners meet their furry child for the first time, and often the animal picks their family. These events and other activities promote how to become a responsible pet owner, and the difference that an individual can make for animal, even if they are unable to foster and adopt.

Although cat and dog ownership is on the rise in Chengdu, foster and adoption is still a new concept. Making the choice to foster and adopt directly saves lives, and allows animal welfare organizations to rescue an increasing number of animals that are in need. Rescued animals provide great joy in the lives of their owners and are capable of making a huge difference in their community. Instead of feeling hopeless and helpless when your eyes meet those of a starving and sick animal on the streets of Chengdu you don’t need to walk away, you can contact Ruby Animal Rescue Foundation (RAR) and a solution can be found. As we understand that when a dog or cat walks into your life everything changes.

If you wish to learn more about how you can become a foster parent, volunteer, sponsor, donate funds or materials for foster parents, or help please contact us at the email listed below. Every action no matter how small can help save a life.

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RAR Pet - Fostering Saves lives
当你走在成都的一条坑坑洼洼,布满灰尘的街道上,在不经意的四处张望时看见了一条流浪狗,这时你会怎么做? 它充满信任的眼神,和因为遇见你高兴得直摇的尾巴,这一瞬间让你感觉突然和它有了一种联系。你本能的想到它曾经是别人的宠物,而它之前的主人却觉得它就像垃圾一样可以随意处理,抛弃,随便的扔在大街上。曾经可爱的宠物现在变成了一只毛色暗淡,染上跳蚤的流浪狗,它一直看着你,渴望着被爱。这时绝望和无助的感觉席卷而来,你的经济条件不足以帮助它,你不确定是否能找到一位安全可靠的兽医,也没办法给它找到一个安全的容身之处。情绪沸腾的你选择了离开,可你的新朋友却跟着你走了一小段,试着和你交流,它试着和每一个人交流,想告诉所有人它对新生活的渴望,想告诉所有人它是一条好狗狗。最终它放弃了,就这样人类最好的伙伴只能继续流落街头,而等待它的是难以预测的命运,它是否能存活,还是会死于饥饿,疾病,甚至被偷走后成为餐桌上的美味,或是时尚的牺牲品。除非有一个动物福利组织能找到它并将它安顿在收养和寄养项目,它的生命才不会受到威胁。
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我们的宠物给予我们的无条件的爱是其他任何事物都无法比拟的,无论我们的一天过得有多好或是多糟糕,当我们下班回到家时迎接我们的总是摇摆的尾巴或是一声充满开心的“喵”。在你生病的时候,难过的时候,玩电脑的时候,甚至刷牙的时候,你毛茸茸的小伙伴都会陪伴在你的身边。动物是家庭中不可分割的一部分,他们教会了年轻一代要有同情心,养宠物能让你生活得更开心,也非常有利于你的健康。根据发表在人类动物关系研究首创基金会(HABRI)上一篇关于人类动物关系的研究,动物对人类健康主要有七大正面影响,分别为:在小孩中过敏和哮喘免疫,老年痴呆症,自闭症,癌症,心血管疾病,抑郁症及创伤后应激障碍。HABRI认为他们继续该项研究会发现更多动物能为人类健康带来的好处。而且很多时候狗和猫在老人,残疾人,住院病人的生活中充当了治疗师的角色。狗已经在我们的日常生活中担任了很多工作角色了。警犬和防暴犬能保护我们,牧羊犬则保护我们牲畜,而导盲犬能让盲人的生活水平有所提高。这样的例子比比皆是,然而有一只狗狗却能脱颖而出,它是一只名为塔克的黑色混血拉布拉多,曾经是一只流浪犬,在华盛顿,西雅图得到救助。塔克现在帮助海洋生物学家寻找世界唯一的K-9逆戟鲸。搜寻船只根据塔克的肢体语言来找寻逆戟鲸,因为它灵敏的鼻子能嗅到逆戟鲸散发的微弱气味,而这种气味在30分钟内就会消失。 塔克主要帮助研究人员检测逆戟鲸的健康状况,过度捕捞和食物供应的影响,以此来为我们的下一代拯救这些濒危物种。
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许多有寄养,收养和教育项目的动物福利组织都会与当地的学校进行合作。这些人道教育家会将受到救助的狗和猫带到学校,带到教室里,教导孩子和成人同理心,尊重和同情心。这些曾经流落街头,现在却很镇定的动物,能启发人们,给人们一次手把手难忘的经历,让人们了解动物的情绪和行为。人道教育家和他们的四条腿代表们也会讲授关于爱护动物的基础,会和老师在学校现有课程上提供一些好玩的项目。 通过正面强化,被救助的狗和猫在经过训练后能成为我们家里和工作中的好伙伴,对我们和它们的生活都带来积极的影响。

把一个被救助的猫和狗带回家让人激动同时也充满挑战。添加一位毛茸茸的家庭成员不是一个小的决定,因为它需要一个有责任心的主人提供给他生理和心理上的需要。 好的动物组织会通过适当的筛选,访问,教育和收养日来帮助你找到适合狗或猫。领养日是由社区组织,具有教育性和娱乐性,并且在当地商铺,公司,组织帮助下以提高人们对动物保护意识的活动。这些活动通过那些长期,国际性的知名动物福利组织如皇家防止虐待动物协会(RSPCA)及狗信托(Dogs Trust)等组织在北美,欧洲,澳洲都非常成功。狗信托(Dogs Trust)是英国最大的狗福利慈善机构,在英国有18个领养中心,每年照顾着超过16,000只狗。在狗信托(Dogs Trust),健康的狗狗绝不会被伤害。所有的狗都会植入晶片,做绝育手术,并接种疫苗。因此领养家庭可以放心带回家的肯定是健康的一员。在中国,动物福利组织在蓬勃发展,同样也带动寄养和领养项目的迅速发展。领养日因为上海和北京的一些动物福利组织也越来越受到关注,越来越成功。 SCAA作为中国寄养和领养组织的带头人,遵守并提倡与皇家防止虐待动物协会(RSPCA)相似的国际标准。至今,它们已经收养并给了832只动物第二次机会。领养日为猫主人和狗主人创造了与他们毛茸茸的孩子第一次见面的美好瞬间,而很多时候是动物选择了它们的新家庭。这类活动让人们知道如何成为一个负责的宠物主人,以及作为个人,就算不能寄养或领养,也可以通过不同的方式为动物出自己的一份力。

尽管在成都越来越多的人开始养宠物,但是寄养和领养还是一个新的概念。通过寄养和领养能够直接拯救一条生命,也能够让像红宝石动物救助 (RAR)这样的动物福利组织去救助更多需要帮助的动物。被救助的动物能给它们的主人带来巨大的快乐,也能让它们所在的社区有所不同。当你在成都的街上看见一只挨饿,生病的动物时,你不需要觉得失望和无助,你不需要离开,你可以联系红宝石动物救助 (RAR),我们会找到合适的解决方法。我们理解,当一只狗或猫进入你的生活时,一切都会发生改变。

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RAR Pet - Fostering Saves lives

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