Oct. 1-3: AMC Live Rock On! Music Festival 201410月1日-3日: AMC Live Rock on! 音乐现场.

A 3 days rock music festival with live performance, featuring multiple well-know international and local artists/ bands.

Indoor & Outdoor Live performances, including a variety of outdoor entertainment.


Date: Oct. 1st – 3rd


地址:成都东郊记忆演艺中心AMC Live House内(建设南支路1号)

Address: AMC Live House, East Music Park, South Construction Road No. 1

门票: 室内RMB 50, 室外RMB 188/ RMB 288

Tickets: Outdoor  RMB 50, Indoor RMB 188/ RMB 288

国庆假期,音乐盛宴席卷蓉城,带上你的摇滚态度,一起来ROCK ON吧!

汇集众多知名艺人、优秀乐队,打造 一场顶级的音乐盛宴AMC Live Rock on!

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