Nov. 22nd: 2014 Chengdu International Women’s Club Holiday Bazaar 成都国际妇女俱乐部节日义卖会

2014 CIWC Holiday BazaarThe Chengdu International Women’s Club (“CIWC”) Holiday Bazaar, now in its 9th year, has become an important event on the Chengdu calendar, and a meaningful way for companies and individuals to support local charities.

The Holiday Bazaar is an annual family event. This year the Bazaar will be held once again, at the new CDIS School location in Chengdu on November 22. Student choirs from Chengdu international schools and local musicians will provide entertainment, CIWC members will sell home-baked goods, local craftspeople and expatriates will sell handicrafts and gifts. Additionally, fantastic seasonal food is available for purchase, fun games for the children to play and a chance to have your photo taken with Santa Claus.

This year proceeds from the Holiday Bazaar will benefit, Heifer China International, Hopeful Hearts, IDEAS in China and Xinjing Primary School. More information about these charities down below.

The CIWC invites you to help create the same holiday spirit for others who are less fortunate, by purchasing tables for you or your company to be present at the Bazaar in 2014. Your participation is a valuable contribution to helping the Holiday Bazaar to be successful in 2014.

The Holiday Bazaar
Proceeds from the 2014 Bazaar will be used to support the following organizations. The exact amounts will depend on how much we raise, but you can be sure your donation will be used in a meaningful and focused way.

Heifer China International Heifer China was registered in 2007 and empowers families to turn hunger and poverty into hope and prosperity. The goal of every Heifer China project is to help families achieveself-reliance. The specific project that Heifer China is requesting assistance is located in the Huang Yingling Village, home to over 500 families.

Hopeful Hearts– Hopeful Hearts has helped over 300 children in the last nine years with complicated heart conditions. Hopeful Hearts is a small charity run by expat and local women. This year Hopeful Hearts would like CIWC to sponsor two surgeries for children with heart conditions in the Sichuan Province.

IDEAS in China – This organization is proposing a project to use funds raised by CIWC to help offset student living expenses to attend local school in the Liangshan prefecture. The amount raised would be for 60 elementary students, 16 middle school children, 44 high school kids, 5 college students and 2 village teachers tip ends.

XinJing Primary School – This year the school is requesting additional funding for the dormitories and student sponsorship for 52 of the poorest students in the area for the 2015 academic year. The entire project is divided into four phases. CIWC would be specifically sponsoring the second and fourth phases.

If you are interested in participating in the Bazaar and purchasing a table(s), please provide the following information as soon as possible (before September 12, 2014) to [email protected]

1. Name of your company
2. Items that you will be selling (food, crafts, marketing, etc.)
3. Number of tables that you require
4. Contact details for your company, including person, address, phone number, email

The table prices for the 2014 Holiday Bazaar are:
Food vendors: 1 table = RMB 550; 2 tables = RMB 1000
(note: RMB 1000 will give you 2 front tables and 2 auxiliary tables)
Non-food vendors: 1 table = RMB 400; 2 tables = RMB 600
If you buy 1 table, you will receive 2 free entrance tickets.
If you buy 2 tables, you will receive 3 free entrance tickets.

If you have any questions or comments, please send them to [email protected]

Help us make this year’s Bazaar a truly memorable event not only for the Chengdu community but also for people in need. Please join with other community-minded businesses and individuals in Chengdu and donate to the 9th Annual CIWC Holiday Bazaar on November 22, 2014.
2014 CIWC Holiday Bazaar成都国际妇女俱乐部(“CIWC”)节日义卖会如今已进入第九个年头,在成都历年的众多活动当中,已经占有举足轻重的地位。同时对于各个企业以及个人来说,该活动也为其提供了一个非常有意义的途径,来支持本地的慈善事业。


今年我们的节日义卖会将会帮助: Heifer China、心的希望(Hopeful Hearts)、IDEAS in China和四川西昌民工子女学校XinJing小学。



1. 中国小母牛慈善–
中国小母牛慈善2007年注册,并帮助贫困家庭从饥饿、贫困到充满希望并富足。中国小母牛慈善的项目目标是帮助这些家庭可以实现自助。小母牛慈善的主要项目是本地的Huang Yingling村,超过500个家庭。
心的希望 – 心的希望在过去九年里为超过300个贫困家庭患有先天性心脏病的儿童提供心脏手术。心的希望是一个由本地妇女和国际妇女友人运营的小机构。今年心的希望期望可以通过CIWC的义卖活动筹得可以为两个四川本地儿童做手术的费用。
西昌民工子女学校 – 今年学校将需要更多的基金来帮助本地区2015学年52名最贫困的学生来解决他们校舍和奖学金问题。整个项目划分为4个部分。CIWC将会着重赞助第二和第四个部分。


如果您有兴趣参与此次义卖会并且租用义卖会上的摊位,请尽快将以下信息发送至我们的邮箱(2014年9月前):[email protected]



食品商家: 1张桌子=人民币550元;2张桌子=人民币1000元



如果您有任何疑问,请通过邮件联系我们:[email protected]

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