Cheers Chengdu Jinjiang Wine Store Opening Party瑞士齐饮进口葡萄酒新店开业派对


20% off All Wines for the first 3 days. 开业前三天全场酒水一律八折

cheersJoin Cheers Imported Wines Jinjiang store opening party on Saturday, November 28th. This is the second Cheers in Chengdu – and the largest among 38 stores in China. Everyone gets a free glass of sparkling wine and a slice of cake, and can take a tour of our wines from all over the world! We will have live music from 7 PM, special deals on cocktails and shots (10 kuai tequila)。

Address: Hongji Middle Road No. 54

Also check out their 1st store in Chengdu, Cheers Imported Wines Kehua store.


*Tel: 15201468158

*Address: F1, Unit 2, 54 Hongji Middle Road No. 54, JinJiang District 锦江区宏济中路54号2栋1层



新Cheers从开业起,连续3天所有的葡萄酒、精选啤酒以及洋酒统统8折!!!cheers瑞士齐饮进口葡萄酒开新店了!快快盛装打扮来参加新Cheers的派对吧,到现场的小伙伴们都可以免费尊享一杯Cheers精选起泡酒和一块甜蜜诱人的蛋糕!我们会热情的向您介绍来自世界各地的精选葡萄酒,为了让小伙伴们尽情享受派对, 现场更有动听的Live music show!外加Cheers特调鸡尾酒以及仅仅10元的龙舌兰shot, 供各位享用!


电话: 15201468158

地址: F1, Unit 2, 54 Hong JI Zhong Lu, Jin Jiang District 锦江区宏济中路54号2栋1层[:]

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