Hot Springs around Chengdu

The coming of winter sees fallen leaves and a drastic temperature, though it also provides good opportunities to go to a number of scenic spots where visitors can enjoy the special sights of the year (often at off-season rates)

Check out where to enjoy Hot Springs in Sichuan:

Qingcheng Mountain 青城山温泉

The Qingcheng Taoism Hot Spring has been built adjacent to the Qingcheng Mountain. The architectural pursues resuming original shape of ancient building with occupied land near 400.000 square meters. They adopted the water purifying system used by Beijing Olympic Game to circulating, filtering and sterilizing.


The Qingcheng Taoism Hot Spring offers one indoor pool with 350 square meters, 50 outdoor pools and 4 VIP hot spring villas. There’s a special SPA, traditional food massage, Taoism wood bathtub bath, outdoor forest SPA and floor heating treatment.

*Opening Time:

*Mon.-Thu. 13:00-24:00

*Fri. 11:00-02:00

*Sat. + Holidays 10:00-02:00

*Sunday 10:00-24:00                    

*Price: Mon.-Thu. RMB 198pp/ Fri.-Sun., RMB 258pp

*Tel: (028)88988888, (028)87198999

*Address: No.88 Qingcheng Taoism, Dujiangyan 都江堰市青城山镇青城大道88号

Hua Shui Wan 花水湾温泉
Around 80km from downtown Chengdu, Huashuiwan in Dayi Town is known for the sightseeing spot and hotsprings (several hotels have their own hot springs).

If you plan to go there, you may want to combine with skiing at Xiling Snow Mountain (only 20 kilometers away).

*Price: RMB 35

*Tip: Direct bus connection from Xinnanmen Bus Station

*Address: No.174 Wuzhen Road, Huashuiwan Village 花水湾风景区 花水湾镇武城街174号(近西岭雪山)

Hailuogou National Glacier Forest Park 海螺沟温泉

Hailuogou National Glacier Forest Park (elevation of 3,000 meters) is at very low temperature throughout the year. As winter is peak season, you might want to avoid to go during the weekend. The best hot springs can be found around Hailuogou center camps No. 1 & 2.

*Price: RMB 70 for the scenic spot + RMB 70 for the tour bus. Ticket price RMB 104

*Tip: Direct bus connection to Hailuogou National Glacier Forest Park from Xinnanmen Bus Station


Emei Mountain 峨眉山

A World Heritage site and one of China’s “Four Sacred Buddhist Mountains”, Emei Shan is on the southwestern margin of the Sichuan basin, about 160km from Chengdu. It is famous for the beautiful scenery, Buddhist culture, and hot spring hotels in winter time.

*Hot spring hotels: Emeishan Grand Hotel, Lingxiu Hotel, Hongzhushan Hotel.

*Price: RMB 150-200

*Tips: Fast train from Chengdu East or South Railway station.


Nanshuige Resort & Spa 楠水阁温泉度假酒店

At least 3 recommended Hot Spring Hotels. One is called Zhougong Mountain Spa Garden (周公山溫泉公園)

Yucheng, Ya’an


*How to get there, take a bus from Xinnanmen station to Ya’an (90 minutes to 2 hours, RMB 40pp), then get a taxi or mini-van to ZhouGong Mountain 周公山 (RMB 10pp).

*Price: Normal room around RMB 200pp/ night



Other recommendations:

* Wenjiang: Yufu Hot Springs Hotel – Wenquan Ave., Section 4, No. 1

* Qingsheng Mountain: Haosheng Hot Spring – Haosheng Rd. No. 33

Note: Hot spring water normally contains minerals that improve the cardio-vascular system, controls blood pressure, and can help cure some diseases.

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