Chinese beer isn’t quite considered as tasty abroad. Most people only know lagers of big brands like Tsingtao, Snow or Harbin. During the last 5 years, craft breweries have been popping up almost under the radar across China, and it’s not just the local expats who are frequenting them.

In Chengdu, MUG and The Beer Nest were the first ones to focus on it. Nowadays Chengdu has hundreds of bottle shops, though we like to focus on the real stuff: craft beer on tap! Check out an overview of bars in Chengdu serving draft craft 看看成都那些精酿啤酒:

The Beer Nest 1, Bar  啤酒窝1店(酒吧)Beer nest 1

This cozy bar opposite the Poly Center was one of the first to introduce Chengdu to good beer. It offers a variety of >60 beers (including various drafts), cocktails and non-alcoholic drinks, and also brought beer culture and knowledge to Chengdu. One of the nicest wooden bars in town, with comfortable sofas upstairs and a great outside terrace in the summer, it’s the place to be[er].

Daily Promotions:
* Happy Hour (2-8pm): Chengdu Craft Beers RMB 30/pint
* Daily drink special

Address: Jinxiu Road 34 – 7 (Across Poly Center Ping’an bank; close to Zongbei Peter’s Tex Mex/ McDo).

啤酒窝酒吧, 武侯区锦绣路34号附7号 (棕北国际楼下)

Opening Hours: Open 2pm – late.
Tel: 13730871837
E-mail: [email protected]

WeChat/ Weibo: 啤酒窝酒吧TheBeerNest


Hugo Craft Beer Bar 雨果精酿啤酒馆

hugos brewpub

Nice selection of >15 drafts and a huge fridge full of bottled beers.

Address:Gaoxin District, Zishan Road No. 22 (Pedestrian street next to Millennium Hotel) 高新区紫杉路22号(紧邻紫荆南路上海花园和神仙树南路中海名城)

Tel:18628067599 & 13558815114


MUG German Bar 马格啤酒馆

mug bar

The MUG bars are traditional German styled beer bars. They produce their own brewed beer called Augsburg. The beer isn’t a really strong tasting one or heavy-bodied but it’s just a good drink. MUG has a nice outdoor area and several big TV’s showing sports. It’s a good place for enjoying a warm summer night with a cool craft beer and a few friends.

Address 1: Building 6, Waishuangnan Egret Island Commercial Pedestrian St. 外双楠鹭岛路36号鹭岛国际步行街6号楼 Tel: 61516777;

Address 2: 29 Zhaixiangzi 窄巷子29号 Tel: 86210777;

Address 3: 2 – 1, North Area of Tiexiangsishui St., 699 Tianfuyi Ave. 天府一街699号铁象寺水街北区2-1 Tel: 61701777


Lazy Guys Brewpub 懒人精酿啤酒馆
One of Chengdu’s only microbreweries, located on a small street in Yulin.

Yulin West road & Fangcao street – Across a 7 eleven, back door Wangfuhuayuan compound


The Beer Nest 2, Bar & Kitchen 啤酒窝2店(餐吧)

Beer nest 2

Comfortable venue with inside & covered outside seating area. Enjoy Chengdu’s largest selection of draft beers [including at least 6 Chengdu craft beers], combined with tasty food.

Daily Promotions:
* Happy Hour (12-8pm): Chengdu Craft Beers RMB 30/pint
* Daily drink or food special

Address: Renmin South Road Section 4 – No. 48-32, Master Commercial Street (F1, behind Country Garden Real estate sales office, close to “AMI Bar”, “18 Perfect Teeth” or Bank of China)
人民南路四段48号附32号,首座万里商业街1楼 (碧桂园森林城市售房部后面, AMI酒吧、乐道茶馆附近)

Opening Hours: Open 12pm – late
Tel: 13730871837
E-mail: [email protected]

WeChat/ Weibo: 啤酒窝酒吧TheBeerNest


Paulaner Bräuhaus 成都普拉那啤酒酒馆

Paulaner brauhaus

The Paulaner brewery and restaurant with its outside entrance just off of South Renmin road is dominated by the large fermenters where their own house lager and dark beers are brewed. Their food menu is in German, Chinese, and English with the first few pages devoted to their house brewed beer, beer cocktails, schnapps and German specialties.

Address: 42 South Renmin Road Kempinski Hotel

Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday 5pm-1am

Tel: +86 28 8526 9999

PandaBar Chengdu 熊猫精酿成都

panda brew

This Beijing-based craft beer chain is due to open its first Chengdu up a branch in Chengdu end of September 2016. Quite some brews on tap [not brewed on location, but brought over from Beijing] and in the fridges, serving food. Not that busy, and mostly popular with locals.

Opening hours: 6pm-5am

Address 地址1 : American Consulate Road No. 8. 领事馆路8号

Address 地址2:   2F, Cape of Good Hope Square 好望角广场2楼

Tel: 13981871364

Yellow Rock 黄石全美鲜酿

Another brand managed by the MUG group.

Phone 电话:028-85939966
Address 地址:高新区剑南大道中段998号世豪广场东门

Draft Beer Factory 麦酒社

Beer bar & restaurant in the West of Chengdu, opened June 2016.
Address 地址: Jinniu District, Huapaifang No. 40, Nonly Idea Factory 1F 金牛区,花牌坊40号,無里创意工厂1楼


Address 地址: Jinniu District, Huapaifang No. 40, Nonly Idea Factory Building A, 3F
Phone Number 电话号: 18123308637


Honey and Malt 蜜和麦

Honey & Malt, a craft beer bar opened end of December 2016, has one of Chengdu’s most impressive domestic craft beer selections. With >25 on tap, they have the potential to pour up to 30 different types of beer, and their modern system keeps different pressures and temperatures for each keg. The range of offerings is quite impressive and different from other craft beer selections at pubs across the city.
Address 地址: No. 20-8 Tongzilin East Road
Phone Number 电话号: 18518475006
Opening Time 营业时间: 5pm-late


Shark Craft Beer Bar鲨鱼精酿酒馆

Address: 316, Tianjiunan Valley 天九南巷316号

Tel: 13551177550

Opening hours: 14:00-03:00 Everyday



Wild West Brewery Taproom
Straight from the brewery in Qionglai, you can try most of Wild West’s beers on tap in Jinli Ancient Street. Located just beyond the performance stage, next to the Wuhou mausoleum in Jinli, a hot spot for tourists and locals alike due to its central location and abundance of traditional Sichuanese arts, crafts and snacks.

Opening hours: Daily, 10am – late.

Address/ 地址: Wuhou District, ZhangWuJie No. 34 (Jinli Ancient Street)

Wild West Yulin 美西啤酒酿造(玉林店)

Opening Hours: 2pm-12am

Address: 雨林中路32号 No.32 Yulin Middle Road

Tel: 15680762256


Foam Ranger Taproom 

Opened middle of December 2017, this fancier place in TaiKoo Li promised a craft beer revolution. With around 50 taps and food pairing, you’re indeed in for a treat.

成都锦江区中纱帽街8号 成都远洋太古里L2-2316

Chengdu Sino-Ocean TaiKoo Li L2-2316 [entrance on 2nd floor in alley up Blue Frog]. Middle Zhongsha Mao street No. 8.

Above the Cloud Taproom 在云精酿啤酒馆

Address: Gaoxin district, WanXiangLi South Road No. 999, Xiangnanli building 1, No. 105-107 高新区万象南路669号象南里105/106/107号

Opened middle of December 2017, this is the place to be for craft beer lovers living in the South of Chengdu.


Nanmen Craft Brewery 南门精酿   

This brewpub opened at end of December 2017. Finally a real brewpub in Chengdu!

This beer bar on Tongzilin Dong Lu is on the same strip as Peter’s Tex Mex, has a big outdoor terrace and around 20 beers on tap – more will be added soon. The food menu is pretty extensive – and currently has a wide range of pub favourites –  burgers, fish and chips, ciabbatas, pastas, salads, finger food and more.

Tongzilin Road No. 7 桐梓林路6号(世纪景苑正对面)

Tel. 订座电话:85082366

Beer Animal Taproom 猛犸

Address: SOHO Building, 2F,No. 4, Kehua North Road #60.


No. Bar

Opening Hours: 6.30pm-2.30am

Address: 好望角广场3栋附7号 No.7, Building 3, Cape of Good Hope Square 

Tel: 13488729721

M99 Beer 进口啤酒

Opening Hours: 10am-10pm

Address: 长荣路66号泛悦商场美食街1层 1F Fanyue Mall No.66Changrong Street

YOLO 小酒馆

Address: 北东街1号时代印象三栋3楼21号  No.21, 3F, Building 3 Shidaiyinxaing No.1 Beidong Street


Zinnbach Beer Bar 辛巴赫啤酒馆

Opening Hours: 12pm-12am

Address: 晋阳路432号金楠时光1栋1层21号  No.21, 1F, Building 1, Jinnanshiguang, No.432Jinyang Road

Tel: 13666275743



Opening Hours: 7.30pm-2am

Address: 玉林西路45号 No.45Yulinxi Road


Opening Hours: 1pm-1am

Address: 科华中路2号王府井一层 1F, Wangfujing No.2 Kehua Middle Road

Tel: 028-85238131

Miloo 麋鹿精酿

Opening Hours: 5.30pm-2am

Address: 东郊记忆中央和大道3号 Easten Memory No.3 Zhongyang Ave.

Tel: 15208305196


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