March 16: Monthly Chengdu Beer Pub Crawl

3月16日/March 16th: Monthly Pub Crawl

Join the next Pub Crawl on March 16nd. The 120RMB gives you 5 drinks, lot’s of activities and a Chengdu Beer Mug, and lots of activities on they way. Cheers!

Chengdu Beer monthly Pub Crawl is a social gathering for the local international community and visiting travelers – that takes you to several cool establishments around town.

Every month there is another route and a new theme.


Thursday March 16th, we hit the city again ?


*Dress Code 服装指南:  

Leprechaun, Kermit, or anything green. 穿点绿绿的元素哦~

路线/ St. Patrick’s Pub Crawl Route

#1站: Shamrock 三叶草爱尔兰西餐吧

#2站: Sabaidee 萨芭蒂高空花园餐吧

#3站: The Arthouse 加路仕西餐吧

#4站: Tim‘s BBQ Tim’s熏烤房

#5站: NASA Club



*Date/ 日期: Thu. March 16/ 3月16日, 周四

*Starting Time/ 聚会时间: 19:00/ 晚7点

*Starting Point/ 地址: Shamrock 三叶草, Irish Bar & Restaurant

15, Sect. 4, South Renmin Rd. 人民南路4段15号


Pre-sale 预售票: RMB 120元

On the Day 当日票: RMB 150元

Includes/ 包含

*ChengduBeer Mug ChengduBeer纪念马克杯

*6 Free drinks 六杯酒水

*Discounts + Activities 打折特卖酒水 + 游戏




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