2017 Chengdu Sugar and Wine Festival

China Food & Drinks Fair [“Tangjiuhui”] 全国糖酒商品交易会 is a huge event focusing on the food, wine and the beverage industry.

The real event is held March 23 – Mar 25 2017 (all-day) @ New International Exhibition and Convention Center

From March 19 to 22 lots of hotels [Kempinksi, Sofitel, Renaissance, Jinjiang Hotel, Minshan Hotel, etc] are already hostel smaller fairs.

China Food & Drinks Fair is a Chengdu government organized exhibition, covering 100,000 square meters, with over 3,000 attending enterprises. The fair include mostly a wide variety of food and beverage products (spirits, liquor, wine, beer, spices, food additives, etc), but also food packaging machineries and equipments, raw ingredients, food machinery production, nd many more to add to. The visitors are known to relish their time and experience at the fair as get exposed to innovative tastes and cuisines.

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