May Chengdu Upcoming Events

May is coming to Chengdu! Prepare yourself for the summer and Upcoming May Events in Chengdu!


5月6日/ May 6: Arena 2017 Dance Competition

*Venue/场地: Cynn Hotel Theater 成都世外桃源酒店大剧院

*Address/ 地址: 69 North Kehua Rd. 武侯区科华北路69号



5月6-7日/ May 6-7: JACQUES Asia Tour @NU Space

*Venue/场地NU Space

*Address/ 地址: 青羊区奎星楼街55号 55 Kuixinglou St, Qingyang district



5月6日/ May 6: MY HOUSE 2 Years of loving @TAG


*Address/ 地址:POLY CENTER BLOCK A BUILDING 2118成都市武侯区锦绣路保利中心A座2118


5月10日/ May 10: Startup Grind



5月12-13日/ May 12-13: Steam Hostel 4th Year Anneversary 

*Venue/场地Steam Hostel 蒸汽旅社

*Address/ 地址: 30 Wuhouci Ave. 武侯祠大街30号



5月13-14日: 2017 Strawberry Music Festival 2017草莓音乐节

*Venue/ 场地: International Intangible Cultural Heritage Park.

*Time/ 时间: Starts 2pm

*Address/ 地址: Metro Line 4, Intangible Cultural Heritage Park 国际非物质文化遗产博览园世纪舞广场 -No. 601, Section 2, Guang Hua Street 成都市光华大道二段 601号 地铁4号线 非遗博览园站

*Tickets/票价: 240 RMB single day / 400 RMB Two days. 扫上方二维码购票(仅中文,需要中国身份证)For Foreigners tickets available in The Beer Nest II


5月13日/ May 13: Panda Go Sport

The 2017 Panda Go Sport race will in Wetland Luodai Park, Longquanyi District.

PandaGoSport offers 3 kind of races: 2.5km / 5km /10km. The team must be composed of 2 to 5 members with maximum of 2 adults per team.

Price per team: 200RMB

Free shuttle buses from Chengdu to the lake.

All the benefits will go to the NGO Roots & Shoots

Registration from 10th April to 5th May.

*Venue/ 场地: Luodai Wetland Park

*Time/ 时间: Starts 9am

*Address/ 地址: Wetland Luodai Park, Longquanyi District 龙泉驿区洛带湿地公园

*Registration/ 报名:


5月13日/May 13: House of Vans @ the Little Bar Space

*Venue/场地: Little Bar Space 小酒馆空间

*Address/ 地址: 8 Shaungqing Rd., East Sect. 3rd, Ring 2nd Rd. 二环路东三段双庆路8号


5月13日/May 13: Strawberry Festival Pre-party @ .TAG


*Address/ 地址:POLY CENTER BLOCK A BUILDING2118成都市武侯区锦绣路保利中心A座2118



5月13日/May 13: Quintino @ Cago


*Address/ 地址: 一环路水碾河未来中心 1st Ring Road East [close to NiuWangMiao], New Hope Building F1, Chengdu


5月17日 May 17: Entrepreneurship Meetup

*Tickets/入场券: Presale 30 RMB Door 50 RMB

*Venue/ 场地: The Beer Nest 2 啤酒窝餐吧

*Address/ 地址: Renmin South Road Section 4 – No. 48-32, Master Commercial Street



5月18日 May 18: Johnny Osbourne Jamaican Reggae

*Venue/ 场地: Jah Bar 家吧

*Address/ 地址: 老南门大桥黉门街36号附118号 36-116 Hongmen Street



5月18日 May 18: Miss Melera @ Club TAIGA

*Venue/ 场地: Club Taiga 泰格

*Address/ 地址: 2F, , No.143, Kehua North Road   科华北路143号蓝色加勒比广场二楼


5月19日 May 19: Young Professionals Mixer

Meet the next generation of leaders and innovators at Chengdu’s first Young Professionals Mixer.

Grow your network, find like minded people and enjoy an evening of drinks on the Temple Top – The Temple House’s beautiful terrace.

*Venue/ 场地The Temple House 博舍

*Address/ 地址The Temple House 博舍 81 Bitieshi St., Jinjiang District 锦江区笔帖式街81号



5月26-29日/May 26-29: 4 Years The Beer Nest I Anniversary

*Venue/场地: Beer Nest I 啤酒窝酒吧

*Address/ 地址: Jinxiu Road 34 – 7 锦绣路34号附7号 (棕北国际楼下)

Wear “Drink Like a Boss” Accessories [sunglasses, hat or Tshirt] – All Draft Beers
* 2-6pm: RMB 10
* 6-9pm: RMB 20
* 9-Close: RMB 30

4 Days of “Good Beer with Good People” ?




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