Who done it? 是谁杀了我!


Mystery Games is a monthly activity organised by Games Experts.

This month there was a villain on the loose at Andaman Village and 60 people travelled from Chengdu to complete the challenges in the Hubaba Adventure Park to catch them.

Andaman Village is an eco-friendly luxury resort in Dujiangyan just an hours drive from Chengdu. The extensive grounds have eco-hotels, an adventure park, hiking trails, petting zoo, and gourmet restaurants that make it perfect for a family break or team bonding trip.


But this time it was the scene of crime…


The teams received their brief from the Mystery Games team whilst enjoying Sichuan food in the Rock Bar Café. They then began to hunt for clues:

The first challenge to complete and get the clue was Andaman Village’s Zip Line course.

There are currently 11 lines to experience in the park. Once completely 2 lines, the challengers got the clue:
I choose my victim by looking at their right profile. Today I chose you all.




After completing this the challengers headed to the archery range – they had 2 options to shoot short range at 7 meters, or long range at 10 meters. If they got over 70 points they revealed the second clue: I didn’t do this alone. She’s always been by my side. You’ll need to catch us both. You’ll need to catch us both if you want to keep me tied.




The mystery gamers then rushed to Twinkle Valley – this is the private bamboo forest where Andaman Village’s trademark luxury treehouses are.  The resort currently has 17 luxury treehouses which accommodate between 2 and 20 people. Here also lies the yoga pagoda. The teams had to strike 3 perfect poses to please the yoga master before they could get the third clue: I got shot today. And I’m not even hurt.


Andaman also has great climbing walls and this is where the group was really tested. A member from each team had to brave the heights of the climbing deck in order to get the final clue. The final clue to catch the villain: The eyes are the window to the soul. Can you imagine what it would do to people if they could catch a glimpse of mine? It’s better I don’t let anyone see.


At this point one group put the clues together… they ran across the vast ground at Andaman. They were all ‘shot; together in the photo in the beginning… he was on the right… his eyes covered… he didn’t work alone… it was Shaz and his assistant Tracy! After they were arrested all the teams celebrated in the sun.

到了所有的活动最后,参与者需要把所得到的线索拼凑在一起。。。最后在穿过我们出发时的安缇缦标志大广场。。。他在最右边。。。你看不见他的眼睛。。。。他不是一个人在战斗。。。。所以“罪犯” 就是Shaz和他的助手Tracy!当他们被全员捕获后,团队们都在一起庆祝这来之不易的一刻!哈哈哈哈!

For the rest of the afternoon they got to explore Andamans other facilities; rock climbing, mountain biking and hoking. Some people chose to enjoy the rock bar instead – with their choice of German beers!

Mystery Games is organised in conjunction with Mystery Games and is the last Sunday of every month, please add the WeChat Mystery Games for more details on the next event.


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