Job 招聘: Marketing Manager 市场主管
我们团队现在需要一个自我驱动力极强的Marketing Manager帮助我们拓展公司的国际市场。作为中国西南最大的国际化媒体平台,接下来我们将和主品牌Pixel Valley——一个集数字设计、市场和PR于一体的公司进行合作。在与国际品牌阿迪达斯、滴滴出行等合作过程中,我们将最大化帮你获得活动策划和执行经验。


  • 运营微信公众号
  • 使用WordPress定期进行网站更新和维护
  • 管理PR和市场活动并定期完成汇报
  • 帮助团队寻找新的合作伙伴
  • 运营、规划并跟踪社交网络发布
  • 推送内容撰写以及粉丝互动
  • 协助策划和举办活动
  • 翻译和一般性国际团队协作


  • 积极的工作态度和良好的自我驱动力
  • 足够的自我思考能力
  • 良好的自我管理能力
  • 细致认真,注重细节
  • 中文母语,英文听说读写水平优秀
  • 良好的微信公众号编辑和撰写经验
  • 能快速高效适应现代化的初创工作环境
  • 加分项:Ai和Ps技能


  • 薪资范围:3000-4500
  • 包含社会保险
  • 有机会参与国内外大型品牌推广活动,包括但不限于滴滴出行、阿迪达斯等
  • 免费参与成都活动,包括但不限于:音乐节、开业典礼、发布会、线下社交圈活动等
  • 加入我们的大型国际社群
  • 有机会获得晋升
  • 三文联合办公社区会员
  • 帮助带来新客户将获得10-20%的现金提成
We are looking for an ambitious self motivated member of our team to help grow our international marketing agency. Chengdu-Expat is South West China’s biggest international media platform – and soon will be launching umbrella brand Pixel Valley, a digital design, marketing and PR agency so is a unique opportunity to work a project from branding stage – through to launch – whilst learning to manage campaigns with global brands like Adidas and DiDi.  


  • Format Official WeChat Accounts
  • Use WordPress to update websites
  • Managing PR & Marketing campaigns and produce reach reports
  • Seeking out new partners for the agency
  • Managing, budgeting and tracking social media campaigns
  • Content creation and follower engagement
  • Helping plan and promote events
  • Some translation and general assistance to the foreign team


  • Self motivated and positive attitude
  • Can think for themselves
  • Organized andwilling
  • Pays attention to details
  • Chinese native speaker with a great level of English
  • Experience editing official WeChats
  • Able to thrive in a modern, unstructured start-up environment
  • Design skills are a plus (Ai & Ps)


  • Salary from 3000-4500
  • Health Benefits available
  • The opportunity to run China wide campaigns with big brands like Adidas and Didi Chuxing.
  • Free access to Chengdu events: music festivals, openings, launches, networking mixers etc.
  • Access to our large international network
  • The chance to rise within the company
  • Co-Working Space Membership
  • Commission of 10-20% on signed new clients


š   Contact [email protected] to apply

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