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波兰人民共和国(波兰语:Polska Rzeczpospolita Ludowa,PRL)涵盖了苏联支持的共产党政府在1952年至1990年间的历史,该政府是二战后在红军释放其领土后建立的。波兰联合工人党(PZPR)成为占主导地位的政党,正式使该国成为共产主义共和国;资本主义于1989年底才成立现在波兰共和国。

The Polish People’s Republic (Polish: Polska Rzeczpospolita Ludowa, PRL) covers the history of the Soviet-backed Communist government between 1952 and 1990, which was established after the release of its territory by the Red Army after World War II.The Polish United Worker’s Party (PZPR) became the dominant political party, officially making the country a communist republic, while capitalism was only established at the end of 1989.



Hard Times, Interesting Times


It was hard to get a car at that timeand people were so surprised to see one


One of the most distinctive features of the PRL era was the lack of supply. Literally everything was missing from the stores. Therefore, on April 1, 1981, it was necessary to print out the food stamps. If you want to buy anything at the store: chocolate, cigarettes, alcohol, meat, bread or even matches, you needed a special stamp.


“There is money, but the stores get nothing, all they get is empty boxes and vinegar bottles.” recalls a lady.



But the worst part is the store line up. People need to wake up a few hours before the store opens and start waiting in line to get anything. If you wake up too late, it was very likely that you will not get anything.


Need to line up in front of the store every day.


Drinking beer in PRL


Despite the difficulties, people can still have fun. In the PRL era, many bars and restaurants were open. Drinking beer on the streets was legal , so many beer kiosk has been set up in the city. People enjoyed a simple life style–meeting and chatting around beer stands.



50 years tradition of Polish Łomża

Łomża Jasne Pełne(乐钻啤酒)开始在PRL时代生产,其独特具有波兰人民共和国精神的啤酒直持续到现在。自啤酒厂开始使用开放式发酵罐以来,它一直延续着这种传统的酿造技术。在今天的现代酿造过程中,发酵罐通常是封闭的不锈钢罐,整个过程使用酵母菌株并控制温度。


Łomża Jasne Pełne beer began production in the PRL era, and its unique old school label has been continued till now. Since breweries started touse open fermentation tanks and continued this traditional brewing technique till today. In today’s modern brewing, fermenters are typically closed stainless steel tanks, in which the entire process takes place. Carefully managed yeast strains are employed and temperatures are controlled.

Łomża brewery relies on wide, shallow and open ferment containers to capture wild airborne yeast. At the time of brewing, the brewer must keep the beer at a lower temperature. Under these temperatures, the lager yeasts work slowly and efficiently towards producing a clean tasting beer with little flavors given from the yeast itself. Like many traditional processes, open fermentation involves much more time and attention than one might expect. Even though it does require more work, it produces an unique taste!


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