Honey & Malt 2nd Year Anniversary | Chengdu Beer

10月27日: 蜜和麦两周年庆 Honey & Malt 2nd Year Anniversary

蜜和麦两周年开庆啦! Honey & Malt turns 2, time for a DRINK! 🍺🍺🍺 150RMB 无限畅饮 All-You-Can drink draft SPECIAL 蜜和麦引进和设计了国内最先进的生啤系统,专注国内本土精酿,果酒、蜜酒、茶酒,店里有30个酒头。 Honey&Malt is celebrating the 2nd year anniversary with 30 beers on tap, has the latest in draft technology, and their ultra-modern system keeps different pressures and temperatures for each keg. 不同于一般酒吧菜单上长短不一,复杂难记的酒名,这家闻名成都的鲜啤小酒馆蜜和麦Honey and Malt 简单粗暴地“以数代酒”,客人可能会忘了上次的酒叫什么,却很难忘记酒对应的数字。 时间/ Date &