Hangzhou Beer Festival

Hangzhou Beer Festival

Snow Beer Festival 雪花啤酒节 Date: May 17th -27th, daily from to 5pm to 10pm Venue: West Lake Tiandi (Nanshan Road 147 – 南山路147号西湖天地) Ticket: RMB 200 (Including beer, available at the entrance – they tend to sell if for RMB 100 on the black market as well) The 10-day-long West Lake Beer Festival will take

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2013 Chengdu Music Festivals2013成都音乐节

We are aware that most of you’re looking for/ looking forward to “Chengdu Beer Festival” information. Well, we are working on it. Meanwhile, here is some info about the upcoming music festivals in Chengdu – excellent opportunities for the better beer drinking while hanging with friends. Zebra Music Festival (April 29th – May 1st) *

China Beer Festivals

Please find below the information of the most renomated yearly Chinese Beer Festival. Most key Chinese cities have a beer festival, though it might not be that easy to find English information. – Chengdu Beer Culture Exhibition: June to August – Dalian International Beer Festival: August (www.12chinabeer.com) – Harbin Summer Beer Festival: July – Qingdao