The Beer Nest 5 Years Anniversary 啤酒窝1店5周年庆

The Beer Nest 5 Years Anniversary 啤酒窝1店5周年庆

成都以进口和精酿啤酒为主的酒吧—— 啤酒窝一号店五周年店庆开始啦! The Beer Nest I, one of Chengdu’s 1st craft beer bars, is turning 5 and wants to thank you all for your support!  在这里,啤酒窝经营者及员工诚挚地感谢每一位支持啤酒窝的朋友,我们将继续努力为大家带来更好的精酿啤酒和更精彩的各种活动! The Beer Nest I Pre-Opening: It’s always good to have you over: This is how we’ll roll this weekend 要玩就这样玩儿: On Tap 扎啤: NBeer Gose Salty Sour 牛啤堂帝都海盐Gose Chengdu

Chengdu Beer/ Belgian Craft Brewery Introduction“成都啤酒”平台介绍

Chengdu Beer is all about passion for beer/ beer culture. We are brewing up craft beers and on this website we share insights, experience and information (focus on Chengdu/ Southwest China): bars, news, home brewing, reviews, breweries and promotions. Moreover, we plan to organize activities that bring beer lovers together (Homebrew Association, Beer Festivals, Pub

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Belgian Craft Brewery Merchandise

If you really like [our] Craft Beer, you’ll be happy to hear that we’re working hard on several merchandising items. For the moment we have Chengdu Beer Polo’s [RMB 100] & The Beer Nest “Drink like a Boss” T-shirts [RMB 80] in stock. They are available in all sizes (S-XXL) and will come to you

<img src="" alt="Find us a catchy Slogan and get Beer!为成都啤酒想口号或标语,赢啤酒!" class="img-responsive" srcset="">
<a href="" title="Find us a catchy Slogan and get Beer!为成都啤酒想口号或标语,赢啤酒!" class=" animated opacityZero full-link">

Find us a catchy Slogan and get Beer!为成都啤酒想口号或标语,赢啤酒!

Hands up for Chengdu Beer! But what’s a brand without a slogan? And what’s your weekend without beer? Want to win a keg of our Craft Beer? Find a short/ catchy slogan & send it to [email protected] We’ll hook the winner up with a keg! How to win? 1) Share our Facebook or Weibo post.

ChengduBeer @ ViaVia Travelers Café 微爱

ChengduBeer @ ViaVia Travelers Café 微爱

Good news! After Parador by Opera, ViaVia Travelers Café is the second venue in the ‘Du to serve our Craft Beer on tap. More info? Read our article about ViaVia Travelers Café Chengdu. 欢迎到成都凯德成都来福士ViaVia微爱品尝我们手工啤酒![啤酒] ViaVia不仅会为吃货们带来一场舌尖上的盛宴和全新的比利时文化体验,还会为来自各地的童鞋们提供世界文化和旅游资讯。 Address: Raffles City, no. 3, section 4, South Renmin road, 3F, No. 3003 (right in the farest corner, next to

<img src="" alt="Our Craft Beers: Where? What?我们的纯手工精工啤酒是什么?在成都哪里?" class="img-responsive" srcset="// 1378w, // 112w, // 385w">
<a href="" title="Our Craft Beers: Where? What?我们的纯手工精工啤酒是什么?在成都哪里?" class=" animated opacityZero full-link">

Our Craft Beers: Where? What?我们的纯手工精工啤酒是什么?在成都哪里?

Chengdu Beer is all about passion for beer/ beer culture. We are brewing up 3 kinds of fresh Craft Beers and try to built up a platform about beer in Southwest China. Are you a home brewer, bar, restaurant or just like beer? Feel free to send us the beer information or feel free to