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  1. Thats a fair punishment 🙂 There is nothing quiet like a stella artois in the evening though! cheers!!!

  2. Great video, thanks for sharing!

  3. maybe something wrong with the net…can’t open the vdeo…
    great web,will come to visit more often~

    1. Hi Sue, it’s a YouTube video. I guess that explains a lot 😉

  4. wanneer ga ik jullie bier nu kunnen proeven? geen goesting om nog snel eens naar guilin af te komen met een fles of twee?
    –goeie website pie!

  5. There are 2 reasons why my recent foray into home brewing kegs of beer is making me happy. If you’re not familiar with home brewing let me fill you in.  Home brewing is an art form, and is the manipulation and gathering together of all the essential items needed to make home brews.

    1. Hi Jacob,

      Thanks for sharing you insights and happy brewing!

      Chengdu Beer

  6. great post! Keep up the sweet work!

    1. Thanks, keeps us motivated!

      Chengdu Beer

  7. […] hour in Shamrock on Fridays from 7pm to […]

  8. […] and a big variety of bottled beers like Duvel, Westmalle, Budvar, Erdinger,… Check our beer database for the  20+ beers they are offering. They are served cold and in clean […]

  9. D*maned, I live in Chengdu but I’m back in Belgium now. Gonna have to drink my green ale in Gent! Enjoy a happy St. Patrick’s Day Saturday! Greetz, Patrick.

  10. Hope you had a good one, Cheers!

  11. I’m from Oregon but spent most of my time on the East coast before coming to China. Couldn’t find Rogue ale in NYC but I was tickled pink to discover I could get it here in Chengdu. I only wish they had more of their brews. The skeletons on the bottles used to glow in the dark and we kept empty bottles sitting around the house for a nice effect.

    By the way, being from Oregon, I used to brew my own beer as well so I’m delighted to have stumbled upon your site.


    1. Hi Jack,

      Thanks for sharing you nice insight about the old Rogue bottles.

      Have you tried our beer in meanwhile? Currently available in Cafe Panam(e), soon in Parador by Opera and YHA Panda Hostel. Stay tuned for more!

      Chengdu Beer

  12. Haha nice one!

  13. will be a pleasure for us to have you again in our restaurant as guests. I am the owner and general manager of pizza mandolin. actually a few weeks ago we had a problem with one of the machines of beers. pressure was not enough because we have worked for a short time with only one machine. Normally we have two in use. but now the problem is solved. Anyway, perhaps we can organize an event for “Chengdu beers”. what do you think? See you again in Pizza Mandolino as soon…. bye!!

    1. Hi Gaetano and thank for the insights!

      Good to hear that 2 draft beers are available again (which ones?).

      A “Chengdu Beer” party sounds good, hope we can come over soon to discuss.

      We could bring over a bottle of home brew to let you taste. Pizza Mandolino could also offer it later on – currently available in Cafe Panam(e), soon in Parador by Opera and YHA Panda Hostel (yep, we can’t handle the demand).

      Chengdu Beer (David & Dieter)

  14. Thanks a lot for the recommandation!~Next time when you guys come (better at night…) just find “Angelo”, who’s capable of English and definately gonna work some magic to make ur deserts for free~lol~

    1. You’re welcome Angelo and we’ll try to drop by again!

      We could bring over a bottle of home brew to let you taste. The Spot could also sell it later on – currently available in Cafe Panam(e), soon in Parador by Opera and YHA Panda Hostel (yep, we can’t handle the demand).

      Stay tuned for more!

      Chengdu Beer

  15. Michiel! Inmiddels sinds enkele maanden 2-wekelijk vers brouwsel, vooral Belgian Ale. Welcome to come over for a glass! Cheers Buddy

  16. […] we informed you about the 3-days Lan Kwai Fong Beer Festival a while ago, we are happy to present the Chengdu East Music Park Beer Festival, held from June 29th […]

  17. Def A, B and C

  18. where is the beer brewery started in the early 1900’s by the Kara family they first brewed in russia then they were run out of russia into china and started another brewery where is the location in china I’m here and i thought it might be in harbin or shanghai

  19. […] upcoming beer craze is the sudden arise of several beer festivals in and around Chengdu. The 3-day Lan Kwai Fong Beer Festival is only just over, though we are hearing news about another one in Lesha… there is one ongoing in the East Music […]

  20. Hi Linda. Thanks for your interesting feedback, we will look into it. Cheers!

  21. Wow, nice setup! Where will it be available? We’ll be in Chengdu until December 3rd, would love to try some!

  22. I have been surfing on-line greater than 3 hours lately, but I by no means found any interesting article like yours. It’s lovely worth sufficient for me. Personally, if all site owners and bloggers made just right content material as you did, the internet will probably be much more useful than ever before.

  23. Hi Mike,

    Thanks, keep us motivated!

    We’ll brew for the first time with our new equipment this weekend, so it should be available on time in a couple of bars.


  24. Where do you get your brew supplies here in Chengdu? I moved here in June and haven’t figured this out yet.

    1. Hi Dan,

      Most of the ingredients we buy in big quantity from Chinese online shops, only the hope we or friends bring from Europe.

      We’re planning to start with a Brewing Gathering at the beginning of January and also to sell brewing materials/ ingredients.

      Chengdu Beer
      [email protected]

  25. Cool, I’ll be there!

  26. Like the designs & eager to try your beer

  27. Nice & informative post, places like Leg & Whistle, Shamrock, Mooney’s, MUG, Key King etc are missing though

  28. […] few months ago we announced that IKEA was selling their own beer. It was supposed to be sold in the UK only but recently Chengdu started selling […]

  29. […] our interviews with Benjamin Erdmann (Diplom. Brew Master Paulaner Bräuhaus Chengdu) and Mike Sherretz (Founder of My Homebrew Store), […]

  30. […] We might not be a fan of warm beer, but it’s kind of a tradition in Sichuan (read more about it in our Boiled Beer post) […]

  31. Hi guys, I was at the Underground today, but I could not find this bar! I looked around very good but nothing. Can you please give me a better description? Regards, Tom

    1. Hi Tom and thanks for the comment.

      The Monk Bar is actually part of The Underground (it’s the smaller place at the right, which they didn’t really use before, but now renovated a bit). We’ve just helped you checked with one of the owners, it should have opened last week, but is postponed to this Thursday.

      Enjoy the good beer & our craft beer will be available in Parador by Opera from next week one (more venues to follow soon).

      Chengdu Beer Team

    2. Update: The opening is confirmed for today, Cheers!

  32. […] the opening of Keg King in Raffles City a couple of months ago, another specialized beer venue is opening up next week. […]

  33. Thanks a lot for the blog post.Really thank you! Keep writing.thank-ok-it

  34. love beer,love chengdu,love chengdubeer.

  35. […] Find more info about this venue in our Keg King revue. […]

  36. […] More info about ViaVia Travelers Café here. […]

  37. […] Remarks: – Lot’s of Chinese know the statue (“Manneke Pis”) – they even learn the story behind it in elementary school – We are aware that we cannot establish the used English name, so the Chinese will be different – Our beer does not taste like pee (as some Chinese beers do) ^^. Feel free to try our draft Belgian Ale at Parador by Opera. […]

  38. Like it ! it’s sassy and mischievous… you sure to be noticed. I guess it could be arguable fom a marketing point of view, but it really suits your personnality and what you gonna put in the brand, so I guess it works just fine ! And different is entertaining.

    Good luck !

  39. It’s cute and impressive. I like it.

  40. Hey guys, I’ve seen Manneke Pis myself and although I think the idea behind using him is great, I think, that this might offend certain people (not me!). The other think is, that – we all know that – that we have to go to pee more when we drink beer :-))) Anyway, congratulations to the ‘co.’. Regards, Tom

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  42. I like it. Aggressive marketing like Stone Brewing attracts attention and you keep that attention by filling the bottle with great beer. Look forward to trying your beers one day.


  43. […] news! After Parador by Opera, ViaVia Travelers Café is the second venue in the ‘Du to serve our Craft Beer on […]

  44. When placing an update , please put the update-date in ! 🙂

  45. […] Currently, you can find our beers in Parador by Opera and Via Via Travelers Cafe. […]

  46. yep, nice quote. here is a nice song (in bavarian – who cares, after 5 beer you’ll understand even bavarian). o.k., will have to send the beer song via your email address.

  47. […] Looking for an overview of Craft Breweries in China? Click here. […]

  48. […] you might have noticed, Le Café Paname is temporary closed for noise control renovations (just like Jellyfish a couple of month ago). Since […]

  49. I will be in Chengdu in mid April and would like to visit your establishment – what is your address please?

    1. Hi Bill,

      Our Craft Brewery is located in American Garden (near the airport express way), let’s be in touch for further communication.

      Where are you located in China and what’s your beer background?

      Chengdu Beer

  50. […] of Ruckin’ Reds and have a devilish night with us. When: Saturday March 9,2013 @ 9.30 PM Where: Shamrock What: Angels & […]

  51. […] Friday 8/3 from 9:30pm outside Paname. Draft Belgian Ale & Sichuan […]

  52. […] Le Café Paname re-opens, it will be available on tap. We are currently also talking to a couple of other venues as […]

  53. […] to order a keg for home (parties)? Contact us at [email protected]. * Once started, a keg stays fresh for 2 weeks * We are able to provide […]

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  55. […] RMB 600 -18.9l keg/ RMB 260 – 9l keg. (Are you a venue? Please contact us for price […]

  56. […] Chengdu Ireland Association holds it’s 2nd annual St Patrick’s Day Parade! More info here. Yesterday we met a guy who especially came down from Singapore, so it promises to be […]

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  61. Indien “responses” : laat schrijver kiezen om dit “openbaar op site ” of niet te zetten.
    Meer antwoorden nodigen ook uit om iets te schrijven of een mening weer te geven.
    De mens is een “curieus” beestje en wil ook reacties van anderen zien !!
    Hoe meer reacties , hoe beter dikwijls…

  62. […] For the moment, you can find our fresh Belgian Ale at Parador by Opera and Dark Ale at The Living Room. […]

  63. […] Hakka Homes Bar Event : March 29th // Moustache Party […]

  64. […] On 29th March 2013, the ‘Frenstache connection’ will organize a Moustache Party in Hakka Homes Bar. […]

  65. Belgian Craft Brewery – Belgian Chengdu Beer !!

  66. Dear Friends,

    Thank you for this great and justifying article.
    Just a small add for all readers, We do feature as well international live entertainment with Peachy “the best band in town” – as our guests are stating, from Tuesdays till Saturdays as of 8pm. See it to believe it!


  67. […] first anniversary of The Spot will be held next Thursday, Apr. 11, starting 7pm. Includes all night free flow of snacks and finger […]

  68. […] Shamrock, one of Chengdu’s oldest and most respected expat bars, is celebrating it’s 10th Anniversary next month! They will have a weekend full of activities, with climax on November 11th. Join them for a day of day, drinks and music! […]

  69. […] The Jiu Yan Qiao is popular nightlife district with western clubs and bars. Also western styled Lan Kwai Fong. For the more Chinese atmosphere, the party street on the other side of the Jin River is nice […]

  70. […] Popular expat bars – Shamrock – Café Paname – Mooney’s bar – The Leg & Whistle – Jellyfish – Hakka Homes Bar – The Living Room […]

  71. […] Shamrock has been around for many years and was the first Irish bar in town. All info about their St. Patrick’s weekend activities, click here. […]

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  73. […] expat restaurants – Bookworm – Grappa’s – Lazy Pug (Closed, though planning to reopen in […]

  74. […] Shamrock offers you ” Lunch Special” from 11.00 – 14.00 for 30 RMB. Go and check it out! […]

  75. […] we mentioned before on the website the Zebra Festival is coming to town late April. With the release of the 2013 Zebra Music Festival main stage line-up […]

  76. i went to the zebra music festival in 2011 and had a great time. wonderful festival and city you got there.

  77. […] expat bars – Shamrock – Café Paname – Mooney’s bar – The Leg & Whistle – Jellyfish – Hakka Homes Bar – The Living […]

  78. […] Stereo Freeze What? Rock, Soul, Blues, Reggae, Funk, HIphop Who? DJ Thomas & DJ Ian When? Saturday 20th April 2013 Where? @ Hemp House […]

  79. Does anyone know if you have to buy a ticket to the zebra music festival beforehand? if so where can I buy it from? and how much will it be approximately? Taaa

  80. […] 2F, Blue Carribean Plaza, No.143, Kehua North Road (next to Jellyfish 水母) 科华北路143号蓝色加勒比广场二楼 Phone : 139-8213-3619 Email : […]

  81. […] the Moustache party in March…it’s time for…Silk Party ! When? April 26th Where? @ Hakka Homes Bar What? In ” Silk […]

  82. […] Hakka Homes Bar Events: – March 29th // Moustache Party – Silk Party @ SOHO Feicheng Building A,12F,No. 1, Kehua North Road […]

  83. […] What? Lots of drinking combined with horse race gambling [read: watching a DVD, haha] Time: Starts at 7pm, first race at 7.30pm. Entrance: RMB 100. You get 1000 in Monopoly money, the winner takes 50% of the pot, 2nd 20% & 3rd 10%. Venue: Shamrock […]

  84. […] expat bars – Shamrock – Café Paname – Mooney’s bar – The Leg & Whistle – Jellyfish – Hakka Homes Bar – The Living […]

  85. […] a readership of 277,400 readerships per month, we hope that lots of new people go try our beer at Parador by Opera or the other venues where our craft beers are available on […]

  86. i heard it has been cancelled because of the earthquake

  87. […] craft breweries as Windmills and Jungle Beers. ( In the past Chengdu beer was also mentioned in The Wall Street Journal) The article promotes the Local craft beers instead of the regular pints. The article describes the […]

  88. […] detail schedule as following: Time: May 13-2013 , 13.00-18.00 Address: Mug Bar No.36, Ludao Road, Ludao Pedestrian Street, Chengdu City, Sichuan Porvince Content: 13.00: […]

  89. […] TA5TY presents: 24th Party When: May 3th from 22:00 till very early! What: 24th Party Where : Lan Town Who: Dj Line-up – Issy [Chengdu]: Dubstep Electro Drum&Bass – Big Loco [Chengdu]: Bass […]

  90. […] April 30th Where? @ Hakka Homes Bar Dress code? “Pyjama” – For inspiration: check out the area where you live in the […]

  91. The Sichuan Ale is awesome!

    1. Thanks Evan, keeps us motivated!

  92. Next time you come to Nanjing you should visit the suburbs where Nanjing International School is we have two very good beer places. Bellini’s Italian restaurant as an excellent choice of European beers and then there is Sunny Side bar which has a selection of about 30 beers including some rare sour beers.

    1. Hope we have the chance to come over soon, thanks for the tip.

      Chengdu Beer.

  93. I’ve been in Nanjing for a while but have had no luck is trying Oktoberfest Brewery ( beer. Do you have an update of where it can be found?

    1. Hi Brian,

      Gao Yan’s three-year-old Oktoberfest Brewery got shut down in 2011 and he has been devoting time to his home brewing book. After that, he founded of Nanjing Craft Brewing Co, under which he recently launched the first licensed bottled craft beer in China – the Baby IPA.

      We’ll try to get you more info.

      Chengdu Beer.

  94. Shanghai Brewery- 2 venues in Shanghai
    Boxing Cat Brewery- 2 venues in Shanghai
    Papas Bier Stube- Shanghai
    Ganlanba, Shanghai
    Bund Brewery Shanghai
    The BREW Shanghai

  95. […] checked sample products and enjoyed a beer tasting session. While having dinner & enjoying MUG’s Hasenburg beer, people shared experience and […]

  96. […] yYangBing ( BJ) DJ KaiZe ( BJ) DJ Ewan Dj XiaoLong DJ Summer Where? Morning Sansheng Town 1-116 in Flower town Ticket : 30 […]

  97. […] Parties: * 29-4-2013: Mega House Party I. The first edition at the end of April gathered more then 200 people. * 25-5-2013: Mega House Party […]

  98. […] House Party when?: Sat. 5-25 Who? Loco, Marty Heinz, Just Charlie, Luna, Big Snax, Selfdom, CVALDA, Ewan + VJ […]

  99. […] : 2013/05/18 Sat 22:00 – Late Location : Hemp House Line up : BigLoco, Issy! and Just Charlie Free […]

  100. […] 20 when: 2013/05/24 from 9.00 PM where: @ Hemp House Members : Wang Guo, Adrien Brill, Rob Tanner and Jovian Brown DJ: Big Loco Entry: 30 […]

  101. […] Place: Meet at Shamrock at […]

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  104. […] Music 2ne Birthday Party when? Sat 1st June start 9 pm till … where? @ Hemp House, Dongmen Daqiao, Oriental Times Plawa, 3rd floor Who? Hi Person, Stolen, Yomofo, Andy Mac, Dbassman, […]

  105. […] NiChiFanLeMei presents new party series: Inverse Law Law reversed! @ Lan Town Bar […]

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  107. […] 28th, Lan Town is throwing a party supported by some other local […]

  108. Who said this?

    1. An expat we were talking to.. 🙂

  109. Any plans for / thoughts of a beer week festival in Chengdu? A Sichuan beer dinner would be amazing!

    1. Yep, we’re working on one in Raffles City around September/ October

  110. […] Monday April 29th Tie: 4pm – Late Venue: Dojo Flower Town 三圣花乡红砂村联合一组154号, 5 minutes’ walk of Morning Bar in Flower Town […]

  111. […] Mega House Party I. The first edition at the end of April gathered around 150 people. * 25-5-2013: Mega House Party II. Less people showed up compared to the 1st edition, though lot’s of fun & the food went […]

  112. […] Venue: Dojo Flower Town […]

  113. […] interested, please contact us or head over to The Beer […]

  114. […] * 13-7-2013: Dojo Mega House Party IV […]

  115. […] More info about the New Belgian King & Celebration here. […]

  116. Is there a more comprehensive list of the attending breweries?

  117. […] Venue: Dojo Flower Town […]

  118. […] Venue: Dojo Flower Town […]

  119. […] Paulaner Chengdu Oktoberfest! Time discover a unique, traditional and authentic Bavarian Festival, and to celebrate it with your friends. Enjoy the most authentic Homebrewed Bavarian beer and food in town. […]

  120. […] Wanna learn more about Oktoberfest? Click here […]

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  124. […] you might have read in our earlier post, Xiong Mao is back! Check out their upcoming events of this venue for (electronic) music […]

  125. […] The Living Room Chengdu cordially invites you to join us for a very special occasion on Saturday, November 9th (7pm to 9pm). Its both our one year anniversary celebration and the unveiling of our new expanded kitchen. We hope you will join us (RSVP requiered). […]

  126. This bar may be one of the best hidden treasures in Chengdu, and the staff are all really chill. It’s good for a relaxed beer with a few friends early on in the night and picks up later on turning it into a bar with a dance floor. Kind of has that Helen’s feel, but a little more ‘house party-ish’.

  127. […] Venue: Dojo Flower Town […]

  128. this place is perfect to tasting some good imported beer and local craft beer.

  129. Great for organize my day

  130. My company represents several breweries in the territory of Hong Kong and China. Would you please inform me the fairs beers you

  131. Hey Chengdu Beer Crew,

    I’m writing from Uber (not sure if you’ve heard of us) – And we noticed that Chengdu Beer is the place to go to for the most updated events and news. We’re looking to get in touch with the people who are in the know about this city, and would be great to connect with you guys over a pint or two! Would you be free in the next few days?

    Hope to hear from you soon,

    Wechat: scot.cheung
    Phone: 15921590112

  132. Hello there. I’ll be in Chengdu for a couple of days later this month. Where is the easiest place that I can go and get to try local (especially dark) beers such as Chongqing Black and Chengdu Beer Dak Ale? (I’ll be staying at the Shangri-la).
    Thanks for your help!

  133. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I truly appreciate your efforts and I am waiting for your next write ups thank you once again.

  134. Best place in town for live concerts!