Restaurants 餐馆 Western : The Beer Nest II, Bar & Kitchen 成都啤酒窝餐吧

Craft/ Imported Beers • Wine • Dining
精酿/ 进口啤酒 • 葡萄酒 • 美食

“The Place to Be[er]” – Craft Beer & Dining, featuring:
– Draft Craft/ Imported Beers
– Dining: Ribs, Pasta, Burgers, Pizza, Thai Curry, lots of beer snacks, cottage/ sheperd’s pie, etc
– Beer Culture Introduction (beer brewing process, beer ingredients, specialized magazines, etc)
– Industrial Design + sophisticated Western Music
– Daily Happy Hour/ Promotions
– Sampler Sets
– Good Vibes

– Pool/ Foosball Table

After the success of The Beer Nest I, their second location opened up middle of 2015. Bringing knowledge about the beer culture to Chengdu in a nice industrial interior design, The Beer Nest II offers >12 beers on tap (from which at least 7 craft beers) and good pub food.

Food and beer is available for delivery [noon-midnight], scan their QR code below to order.

Follow them on WeChat for event/ promotion info & party pics:

The Beer Nest WeChat QR code

With multifunctional possibilities and a covered outside sitting area, it is the place to enjoy a cozy afternoon, have a business meeting in the afternoon or a party in the eve. Regular [beer] events and promotions add to the ambience.

The Beer Nest I + II General poster withour addresses


The Beer Nest II Bar Kitchen Outside Terrace Cosy

Daily Happy Hour (2-8pm): All Chengdu Craft Beers RMB 30


Daily Promotions:
*Monday: Ribs Day! Portion of Ribs (side of fries or ) = RMB 50
*Tuesday: Mexican Day! Tacos & Nachos specials.
*Thursday: Burger Day! Burger & Chengdu Craft Beer = RMB 60
*Friday: Retro Night! Old School Music & 50% off on kegs of Wheat Beer (3l, 5l, 20l).
*Saturday = Belgian Beer Night! All Belgian Drafts RMB 30
*Sunday: Pizza Day! Buy any Pizza, get a free Chengdu Craft Beer or House Wine

Opening Hours: Daily from 12pm to late (Kitchen 12pm – midnight). Food and beer also available for delivery!

Contact them for private/ birthday parties, company events, etc!

Phone: 13730871837

Renmin South Road Section 4 – No. 48, Master Commercial Street No. 48-32 (F1, behind BMW dealership)
人民南路四段48号附32号,首座万里商业街1楼 (宝马经销商后面)

Check also Chengdu’s specialized beer bar, The Beer Nest I


The Beer Nest I + II Poster
The Beer Nest II Chengdu Bar Kitchen inside


啤酒窝餐吧菜单 The Beer Nest II Menu

Review in MORE Magazine Chengdu, September 2014:
“Chengdu’s second The Beer Nest opened in mid-August and, like the original, is dedicated to craft beer and beer culture. The new Nest notably boasts a superior fluid management system behind the bar, which now offers more than ten beers on tap. The evening MORE dropped in and was treated there were seven local craft beers on tap, one craft from Beijing, and four Belgian. We sampled several of the brews and were very impressed with the variety of flavours and styles (IPA’s, wheat beers, fruit beers, etc).

The other main development for the new The Beer Nest is the food menu, which has a good selection of casual and appealing dishes to complement the drinks. We dug into cheese croquettes with lots of melting cheese and potato sided with salsa. Their house cut fries, cooked fresh and served with sides of ketchup and home-made mayo, are not to be missed. The Caesar salad has traditional croutons and bacon bits and not so traditional apples and tomatoes; we have to admit the apples go really well with the bacon bits. The Beer Nest salad is a bit heartier with ham and cheese and beer in the dressing.

They offer a daily Happy Hour and special promotion (more info, see page 1 of this issue). The ribs have an elegant presentation with star anise and grilled oranges, but still taste best picked up and eaten cave man style. The burger, a very generous patty on a good sized bun, will be another special with beer for 60RMB. Adding extra bacon, cheese and mushrooms is the real deal. Waffles, once rare in Chengdu, are now served in every coffee shop but we think the Belgian waffles at The Beer Nest are a must order, light and crispy and served with an excellent chocolate sauce that for sure isn’t Hershey’s. The space has a nice outdoor sitting area, a roomier space on two levels inside and a back corner with a projector that is a good spot for meetings or events.”





啤酒窝卖啤酒,也推广精酿啤酒文化。 7年多前,一个会说中文的比利时年轻人迪特来到成都。如今,这个年轻人在城南开了酒吧和餐吧,成了老板。走进啤酒窝餐吧,嵌于木头墙上的玻璃里存放着不同品种的大麦,二楼墙上并排陈列着各式各样的啤酒瓶,每出细节无不透露出餐吧的啤酒文化。老板迪特说,他喜欢啤酒,也喜欢酿酒,在他的酒吧和餐吧里,喝到他亲自酿的啤酒不足为奇。餐吧的每一处设计都流露出浓厚的迪特风格。他说,这里的每一张桌子,每一把椅子都是他自己设计制作的。在他的电脑里有一份珍贵的PPT,上面六十多页内容记载了他对店铺的所有装修理念。经常光顾迪特酒吧、餐吧的人,都能被这个比利时人的浪漫与温暖所感染。在他的餐吧每天都有不同的主题活动,啤酒贻贝之夜、酒吧男士之夜、精酿扎啤组合特价……迪特不喜欢中国式的干杯,却喜欢跟每一个来店里的人介绍他的啤酒,当有人端着酒杯说:“这是迪特给我介绍的啤酒,这款啤酒具有……特点”的时候,他倍感自豪。他认为,每一种啤酒都要配不同的酒杯,每一个啤酒都有自己的性格,每一个人对啤酒的口味也有着不一样的要求,而他最喜欢做的就是帮助人们找到他们最喜欢的口味。啤酒窝餐吧提供的啤酒种类中,有八种是他们亲自酿造的,每年他们都会带着自酿的啤酒参加啤酒节——那种只有少数真正懂啤酒的人才会关注的聚会。他们分享啤酒,畅谈体会,他说:“我希望将我们的啤酒推荐给很多人,让人们知道,在成都有一群人,跟他们一样,也在坚持不懈的酿造啤酒,酿造自己的爱好。”   推荐理由:精酿啤酒、进口啤酒、美食、外国帅哥,夜幕降临时,觥筹交错间,会在这里体会一种别样的美好时光。平均消费:80-120元



语录:喝了——就会有酒窝!The Beer Nest, The Place to Be[er]!



Upcoming Event's

*Happy Hour: All Chengdu Craft Beer RMB 30 *When: Daily *Time: 12am-8pm *Address: Renmin South...
*Happy Hour: All Chengdu Craft Beer RMB 30 *When: Daily *Time: 12am-8pm *Address: Renmin South...
*Happy Hour: All Chengdu Craft Beer RMB 30 *When: Daily *Time: 12am-8pm *Address: Renmin South...
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