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Drink, music, sport and customers satisfaction are the keywords to describe the Underground bar. The music is primarily British. On the screen you can follow the live European football. The choice of drinks is abundant and served in styles that suit everyone whether the customer wants a single bottle, a single shot or multiple bottles. If you like comfort, a friendly environment, great music and a good choice of beverages, this is the bar for you.

Regular Events/ Promotions:
– Monday: Magic Monday
– Tuesday: Ladies Night
– Wednesday: Quiz Trivia Night
– Thursday: Bingo Night
– Friday: “Thank f*ck it’s Friday” (De Koninck/ Vodka Mixers Promos)
– Sunday: Silly Sunday (Duvel and Harbin Promo)

Address : 12-13 Tai Ping Nan Xin Street (Between Babi II and Club 1855)
Block 6 Greenwich Village Chengdu
Phone: 15208262995
Email: [email protected]
Weibo: 隧道酒吧Underground

underground bar

No.6, Taipingnanxin St, Jiuyan Bridge, In the tunnel between Babi 2 & 1855 九眼桥太平南新街6号


Upcoming Event's

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