Craft Beer Bars in Chengdu

Craft Beer Bars in Chengdu

Chinese beer isn’t quite considered as tasty abroad. Most people only know lagers of big brands like Tsingtao, Snow or Harbin. During the last 5 years, craft breweries have been popping up almost under the radar across China, and it’s not just the local expats who are frequenting them. In Chengdu, MUG and The Beer

Beijing Great Leap Brewing Tap Take over @ The Beer Nest II 再造“丰收”啤酒厂 – 北京大跃啤酒 @ 成都啤酒窝餐吧有售

Beijing Great Leap Brewing Tap Take over @ The Beer Nest II 再造“丰收”啤酒厂 – 北京大跃啤酒 @ 成都啤酒窝餐吧有售

Come enjoy the great Craft Beers of Beijing Great Leap Brewing to support Harvest! On tap (until we run dry): -East City Porter 燕麥墨啤 -Cinnamon Rock Ale 肉桂冰糖 -Prosperer 盛世啤酒 -Hidden General IPA 不让舒眉IPA -Edmund Backhouse Session Pils 北京隐士 -Rye Pale Ale #12 裸麦淡啤12號   时间/ Date: 5月22-24日 May 22-24 地点/ Location: 成都啤酒窝2, 餐吧 – The

<img src="" alt="China’s [Craft] Beer Market中国精酿啤酒" class="img-responsive" srcset="">
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China’s [Craft] Beer Market中国精酿啤酒

China and alcohol: in 2010 Chinese widely acquired a taste (or should we say face-ginving-culture?) for wine and so created a wine bubble, in 2011 high spirits raised Chinese liquor pices 20% and created what’s called the Moutai mania. 2013 seemed to be the Chinese year of a good pint of beer. Beer is nothing new to

Chengdu Beer/ Belgian Craft Brewery Introduction“成都啤酒”平台介绍

Chengdu Beer is all about passion for beer/ beer culture. We are brewing up craft beers and on this website we share insights, experience and information (focus on Chengdu/ Southwest China): bars, news, home brewing, reviews, breweries and promotions. Moreover, we plan to organize activities that bring beer lovers together (Homebrew Association, Beer Festivals, Pub

Sept. 18-20th / 9月18-20号: The Beer Nest Mid-Autumn Duvel Challenge 啤酒窝中秋节喝啤酒大赛

Sept. 18-20th / 9月18-20号: The Beer Nest Mid-Autumn Duvel Challenge 啤酒窝中秋节喝啤酒大赛

Drinking Competition! ##DRINK BEER. WIN MONEY.## RMB 200 entry fee gets you ALL-YOU-CAN-DRINK Duvel during the contest hour (10-11pm). RMB 50 from every entry goes towards the daily winner. **Rumor has it NO ONE has ever managed to drink 10 Duvels in one hour. Think you can do it? ** Rules: 1. Contestants must drink

<img src="" alt="Chengdu Homebrew Society成都自酿啤酒协会" class="img-responsive" srcset="// 660w, // 300w">
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Chengdu Homebrew Society成都自酿啤酒协会

Welcome to the Chengdu Home brewing Society, the home for homebrewers in “City in the Basin”. Our organization is dedicated to spreading the knowledge, culture, and appreciation of real beer in Chengdu & around. We welcome all experience levels and walks of life, ranging from professional brewers to beginners looking to brew their first batch.

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Morning Bar(s)早上好酒吧

At the Morning Bars you can enjoy the performance of the local musicians and even when there’s no live music, the spreakers are cranking something eclectic. The price of the drinks are around 20 RMB each including Chongqing black, Guinness and crysanthemum wine. The one in Flower town has small music festivals in summer, pretty

<img src="" alt="The Beer Nest – Job Opportunity啤酒窝酒吧 – 招聘 " class="img-responsive" srcset="// 2616w, // 226w, // 771w">
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The Beer Nest – Job Opportunity啤酒窝酒吧 – 招聘

The Beer Nest (a new specialized Beer Bar close to the American Consulate in Chengdu, opening end of May) is currently looking for English speaking staff to work 4-5 days a week with flexible hours. Please contact them if you are interested. Craft/ Imported Beers – Coffee – Wine – Whisky. Featuring: – Beer culture