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Raffles City – Keg King来福士 – 西啤士餐吧

We’ve been waiting for the Chengdu Raffles City development to open up forever, and the building does not disappoint. The three levels of office tower surrounded plaza make an enjoyable space for people to relax, and we notice lots of visitors snapping photos of the space and of each other. The pools and fountains create



Of course we went for the beer! A trip to Hooters in Chengdu is always a little adventure. Hooters is an American chain were 10 girls in orange short shorts and tight tank tops welcome you right when you enter the door. The menu has 10 different beers (even Guinness, Tiger and Kilkenny) to choose

Chinese Beer

What can you say about China’s beers? Beer experts across the globe seldom (or even never) have complimented Chinese produced beer. Most beer critics at best state that the best Chinese beers still have a light flavor and are mediocre. Let’s put this way: if the beer compares to those watered-down ones beers (Budweiser or