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April 20th: Stereo Freeze @ Hemp House

Stereo Freeze What? Rock, Soul, Blues, Reggae, Funk, HIphop Who? DJ Thomas & DJ Ian When? Saturday 20th April 2013 Where? @ Hemp House

Hemp House

The Hemp House is the place where you can find the Reggae and dub-beats, weekend concerts and DJ shows. It’s drowning out the cracking sound system and offers the possibility to play some good game of pool. With a good selection of beer, couches and even house instruments were people can play with, with this

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Paulaner Chongqing

With a combination of two famous German brands, the Kempinski hotel in Chongqing will be home of the Paulaner Brauhaus. The Kempinski will let you enjoy their luxurious and comfort. With the focus on the best, efficient, and convenient services they bring the best German luxury service. Combined with the Paulaner Brauhaus it is a