Chengdu Beer/ Belgian Craft Brewery Introduction“成都啤酒”平台介绍

Chengdu Beer is all about passion for beer/ beer culture. We are brewing up craft beers and on this website we share insights, experience and information (focus on Chengdu/ Southwest China): bars, news, home brewing, reviews, breweries and promotions. Moreover, we plan to organize activities that bring beer lovers together (Homebrew Association, Beer Festivals, Pub

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Golden Hans South American Grill BBQ/ Craft Beer金汉斯

With South American grill, Golden Hans is offering Chengdu grilled beef barbequed lamb. When the meat is ready the waitress will bring it to your table and cut the meat for you. This just gives you a few things to do: order, relax and enjoy. The menu offers almost 30 different meats, seafood and vegetarian