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Shamrock St. Patrick’s Day Weekend 2013三叶草西餐酒吧2013圣帕特里克节活动

Chengdu is getting prepared for one of those authentic beer drinking festivals – here’s the line-up of Shamrock’s St. Patrick’s Day Weekend: Friday 15th of March: Join them for our amazing Ladies night. Women drink free Smirnoff Vodka or Gordons Gin + Mixers from 9 pm – 1 am. Live Music & DJ from 9

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Saint Patrick’s Day in Chengdu 2012Saint Patrick’s Day in Chengdu

Saturday is around the corner. Now where is the best place to celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day in Chengdu? Here are three venues we choose for you. Shamrock has been around for many years and was the first Irish bar in town. It has a good reputation in throwing big parties for this day. Add Guinness

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Shamrock 三叶草酒吧 Shamrock is one of the most well-known Chengdu bars and a central meeting place in Chengdu. Shamrock is an Irish bar with great food – pies – fish & chips – steak – burgers – pizza – pasta – friendly staff – cold Beer – Guinness – pool table- music and live sports